6 Important Questions Clients Need to Ask on Inherited 401(K)

To minimize tax liability and ensure that one gets the most of the insurance, it is very important that clients who are to receive or rather inherit a 401(k) from their loved one know the plan’s rules. They should check if the 401(k) original owner has started taking the required minimum distributions so as to make the right decisions by knowing their claiming options. In addition, whether they can add on their inherited assets into their own 401(k) plan or not is determined by the relationship between them and the original 401(k) owner.

How to Avoid Nasty Surprises When Retirement Arrives

Distributions will still incur taxes in retirement despite contribution taxes on traditional 401(k) are deferred. So as to minimize their taxable income in retirement, workers should not direct all their savings to a traditional 401(k). Rather, they should consider stocking away some of their money in a Roth 401(k) if such a feature is offered in their plan.

Retirees Fleeing These Three States in Huge Numbers

Connecticut, New Jersey, and Maine saw the biggest number of residents moving to other states. A large number saying the main reason for the relocation is retirement. It is said that many retirees move to other states to minimize their tax liability and as well reduce their cost of living.

Federal Employees Set to Soon Have More Withdrawal Options for Their Money in Retirement Accounts

It was announced that by the officials of the Thrift Savings Plan, that the plan of new account withdrawal options will soon be implemented and made available for military personnel and federal employees who are contributing to the plan.

401K Retirement Questions

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