About FEHB (Transporting your FEHB)

Can I Take My FEHB into Retirement?

FEHBFederal employees represent the largest workforce in the world.  They also have some of the best benefits on the market with very competitive rates. The federal workforce is so large making it easy for the federal government, acting as representative agent, to negotiate rates that work in the best interest of the federal workforce and their families.  Buying in large quantities can drive down costs making the rate for premiums paid by employees for health insurance some of the most competitive you will find.

The Federal Employees Health Benefit program (FEHB) is open to all employees who wish to participate.  Employees can choose from a number of different health plans that fit their personal and family needs.  As federal employees you get to take your health insurance into retirement if you have met the requirement of being enrolled in FEHB five years or from the earliest opportunity to enroll prior to retirement.

Although, as a retiree you get to enjoy the same low premium benefits in retirement, instead of paying those premiums bi-weekly, they will be deducted once per month from your Annuity.  You also have the same opportunity to participate in open season just as you did while working.

It does not matter how often you change plans, as long as you meet the five year or first opportunity to enroll requirement, you can transport your FEHB into retirement.

Social Security is also a key component for eligible Federal and Postal employees

Postal employees can access their FEHB accounts HERE

How do your Medicare elections fit with your FEHB elections?

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