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July 6, 2022

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Jay Hunt

“I want to ease my client’s worries.”

Jay Hunt

Author at
Public Sector Retirement

For Jay, he is in the business of helping people. This, to him, is the fundamental reason for coming to work every day. He defines excellent customer satisfaction as helping clients stay worry-free.

Jay’s entry to the retirement and insurance business was unconventional. For 21 years prior, he worked as a Beverage Distributor, specializing in Tasting Seminars. It was in this industry that his commitment to delivering total customer care deepened into an earnest passion to help families achieve their dreams and growth.

For this to happen, he realized he needed to take a more prominent role in making a difference in their lives. This came in the form of helping families gain knowledge sufficient enough to help them grow their finances. And he has been successfully doing since 2012 – to which his clients can attest.

Jay Hunt continues to hold individual personal meetings with his clients. His dedication to leading them to success, not in the least diminished.

Despite Jay’s professional accomplishments, however, he considers his relationships as his most precious gift. He has a loving family, an outgoing wife, extremely talented daughters, and has maintained life-long friendships. He’s currently training his youngest daughter to take over the business in the future.

Originally from Lee’s Summit, Missouri, Jay unwinds by playing golf, and doing yard work – which pleases his wife to no end.

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