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October 20, 2019

Federal Employee Retirement and Benefits News


June Kirby

June Kirby has well over a decade of experience serving as a Federal Employee Retirement Trainer and expert.

June Kirby

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Public Sector Retirement

June Kirby is the Owner and Principal of Simply Secure Financial.  As a Federal and Postal retirement expert, June provides comprehensive financial, tax, and retirement advice, specializing in the areas of retirement income planning, Federal and Postal benefit maximization.

June Kirby has well over a decade of experience serving as a Federal Employee Retirement Trainer and expert. June Kirby has extensive knowledge in both TSP and other Federal Retirement benefits.

Ms. Kirby tirelessly travels the Country making herself available to Federal & Postal Employees, Federal Agencies, Unions and Organizations and partners with (PSRE), and as one of the top providers of PSRE's services, June Kirby continues to generously make herself available to hundreds of deserving Federal and Postal Employees each and every year by offering consultation on federal retirement benefits and TSP maximization strategies.

Federal Retirement expert June Kirby enjoys developing and implementing strategic financial plans that provide clarity for her clients’ financial future and guaranteed retirement income that enables her clients to optimize their wealth by aligning it with their values and goals.

Whether her clients want to fund long-term goals such as college or retirement, or simply want to guarantee their savings will last throughout retirement,

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June helps clients translate those goals into a workable, realistic, and custom-tailored financial plan. June’s commitment to excellence, integrity, and strong client relationships enables her to add value and give clients the confidence to know their finances are right on track.

June Kirby enjoys spending time with her husband and loves traveling the world and meeting people with diverse backgrounds who are eager to learn and are passionate about life.

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Not affiliated with The United States Office of Personnel Management or any government agency