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July 21, 2019

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Kelly Fasterling

Kelly Fasterling

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Public Sector Retirement

Kelly has worked for many years to help people achieve their financial freedom goals. As an independent financial advisor, she educates clients at or near retirement on strategies to position their assets to maximize benefits and create peace of mind. If they have some time before retirement, she helps them grow their asset base to their best advantage.

Licensed in real estate, life insurance, and securities, Kelly specializes in helping clients who have TSP, 401K, and IRA accounts to understand their "safe money" choices. Her strategies educate clients to preserve capital first without sacrificing rate of return. She has been a successful real estate investor for over 20 years and has helped dozens of people move towards their financial freedom goals with turnkey real estate investing in the best investor markets in the country.

In previous years, serving as president, owner, operations manager, and director for numerous companies, she has a proven record in client services, team leadership, project planning and business process

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analysis, and redesign. She leverages those same skills in the financial arena for clients. Kelly has a BA in Information Systems from the University of Colorado. She is a sought-after speaker on topics including financial literacy, real estate, and business process design.

Kelly and her husband Brian enjoy time with their three grown sons and first granddaughter. She embraces every chance she gets to be in the Colorado outdoors camping, snow biking, and hiking. Kelly consumes non-fiction books and loves to travel, experiencing new cultures and adventures.

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