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June 25, 2018

Public Sector Retirement News

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Robert Yeszerski

Robert Yeszerski

Author at
Public Sector Retirement

Robert Yeszerski was drawn to the Financial Services and Legacy building Industries after seeing the impact that good solid planning had on his own family.

Mr. Yeszerski inherited a desire to help people working for the Federal system from his mother who recently retired from the D.O.D. He clearly remembers her frustrating experiences as she tried to find a source of support and advice with regard to making retirement decisions. He understands that many Federal Employees continue to be challenged by the overwhelming information that is contained in their employment systems.

Robert Yeszerski: Retirement Expert

Robert has been trained over the period of many years in the various government benefit systems to be a resource in offering solid real-world advice. His goal

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is to help government employees get the information they need so they can start asking the questions that matter to their families. Ultimately, he hopes to help them open the path to relevant information so that they will have a better understanding of their options within the ERS, FERS and CSRS systems.

Mr. Yeszerski believes in ‘Living Aloha’, allowing him to put his heart into the services and advice he offers. Working with the Government Employee Benefit Institute and with over 12 years of experience in the Financial and Legacy Building Industries, he is pleased to have the tools needed to truly be able to help those working in the various government systems prepare for a retirement they deserve.


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