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August 15, 2018

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Dan Hartenstein

For the past 14 years, Dan Hartenstein has worked primarily with health professionals, helping them maximize their retirement planning strategies. By specializing in retirement plan design, tax planning, asset protection, and charitable endowments, Mr. Hartenstein has helped hundreds of individuals maximize the benefits they and their families received during their working career, and more importantly, during their retirement.

As the years passed, Mr. Hartenstein has found that the rampant confusion and misinformation he saw prevailing among many of his clients was made worse for government employees by a system of benefits that few understand and that was constantly changing. He saw that they routinely needed help, but were not able to get it. For many years, the complexities of their various systems kept him at a distance.

Dan Hartenstein‘s professional growth and expertise

Over a period of several years, Mr. Hartenstein went through a series of intensive training courses to familiarize himself with the ERS, CSRS & FERS systems. Through his relationship with the Government Employee Benefit Institute, Dan has been able to help government employees find the answers they need to understand, navigate, and maximize the benefits they receive from the their respective systems.

Born & raised on Oahu, Dan Hartenstein has received the Paul Harris Award from the Rotary Club of Waikiki, sits on the Board of Directors for the Friends of the Missing Child Center – Hawaii, and has helped with numerous charitable projects including an endowment of the Hilo Medical Center Foundation

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Not affiliated with The United States Office of Personnel Management or any government agency