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May 28, 2018

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Mickey Elfenbein

Mickey Elfenbein

Mickey Elfenbein and the Armar Insurance Agency, LLC help protect the assets of individuals and small and mid-size companies using insurance products.
Mr. Elfenbein has over 30 years of senior level experience in a variety of public and private enterprises.

Included in this experience is: 
CEO – Armar Insurance Agency, LLC – providing expertise in a variety of insurance matters including
– Fixed Annuities, Life, Health, Disability, Long Term Care, Home, Auto and Business Insurance,
COO – DigitalFX International (a public internet tech company),
CEO – Simitar Entertainment ( a multinational private consumer entertainment company),
CEO – K-tel International ( a multinational public consumer products company).

Over more than a decade, Mr. Elfenbein has built a successful Brokerage representing over 100 insurance carriers covering
most insurance matters. He has helped over 4,000 individuals and businesses protect their and their family’s assets
though the use of insurance products.

Contact Mickey Elfenbein

Armar Insurance Agency

Phone: 763-425-7172

Email: [email protected]

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