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May 28, 2018

Public Sector Retirement News

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Todd Carmack

Todd Carmack grew up in Dubuque, Iowa, where he learned the value of a dollar and a good work ethic.  He graduated college from Iowa State University and then moved to Chicago for work.  Mr. Carmack spent a few years running restaurants before changing careers to financial services.  Mr. Carmack spent many years in Chicago helping parents realize their dream of a college education for their children, working with college funding and also expanding into several fields of insurance.

Wanting a change, Mr. Carmack moved to Arizona and became a Financial Literacy Educator and worked with a couple of not-for-profit companies.  Having gained more experience in the financial services field, Mr. Carmack started working with federal employees as a benefit counselor and retirement income specialist.  Today, Mr. Carmack works with Bedrock Investment Advisors as he continues working with individuals providing them with education, review and analysis of their benefits and retirement goals.