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By requesting a Retirement Benefit Analysis (Analysis), filling in the form above or contacting Sector Retirement, LLC you accept any and all responsibility for the decisions you make regarding your retirement and benefit selections.  All benefit analysis requests are handled by RSR Educators, LLC (PSRE).  Any work is performed without obligation of any kind.  To be eligible to receive the Analysis you acknowledge that you will you will consult with your own, chosen, financial professional and HR Department and document the recommendations made by them, prior to making any benefit selections and you agree that PSRE and Public Sector Retirement, LLC (PSR) are to be held harmless for any eventuality that comes from your interpretation of the Analysis and/or subsequent decisions and outcomes.

PSR and PSRE are not affiliated with, endorsed or sponsored by the Federal Government or any U.S. Government agency. PSR is not a broker-dealer, investment advisory firm, insurance company or agency and does not provide investment or insurance related advice or recommendations.

You should always consult with your own financial advisor AND your HR department BEFORE you make any changes in your benefit or retirement elections.

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