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Count On The Thrift Savings Plan For Your Future

The Federal Employee retirement system designed a retirement savings plan known as Thrift Savings Plan or the TSP. The TSP is available to all current as well as retired federal employees who were engaged in … Read More

Relaxing TSP Withdrawal Rules

Legislation Relaxing TSP Withdrawal Rules, which could impact every federal employees has been proposed.  Bill S.873 under the TSP modernization Act (Senators Rob Portman and Tom Carper) on April 6th has been designed to simplify TSP withdrawals.

Social Security Funds To Invest In Equities?

The recent article in the Wall Street Journal suggesting that allowing Social Security funds to invest in equities could increase the investment returns. The article suggested that this move could improve the long-term financial outlook of the Social Security Trust … Read More

Need for Better Federal Retirement Benefits Boosts Retirement Assets

It seems that Americans finally understand the value of having better federal retirement benefits savings as it would help them to pick the best date to retire and face the realities of retirement. Why? Because the U.S. based retirement assets … Read More

Keep Your Federal Health Insurance In Retirement

Many people worry about losing their Federal Health Insurance In Retirement because they don’t have the resources to pay for all the medical bills on their own. If you are also worried about one of the most crucial federal employee Read More

Is Auto-Enrolment Good for Financial Planning and Wellness of Civilian Employees of the US Army?

It is a general belief that auto-enrolment is a smart idea as it allows people to save more towards the retirement benefits and boosts their financial planning and wellness. But does the boost to financial planning and wellness actually occur? … Read More

Federal Agencies Are Responsible For Retirement Education?

Whether or not Federal Agencies are responsible for retirement education and planning information is no longer a matter for debate.  It is mandatory for every federal agency to ensure that people have a financial & retirement strategy and a plan … Read More

Bargaining Unit Federal Employees’ Official Time Increased Considerably: OPM

As per a report shared by OPM bargaining unit federal employees’  are using more formal time when compared to the last report. AFGE considers this time to be minuscule as compared to the times used by the entire workforce. The … Read More

Majority of Americans Never Hired a Financial Planning Expert

A new study has revealed that a majority of Americans have never hired a financial planning expert. This lack has resulted in less familiarity with terms like annuities, long-term care insurance, etc. People without an expert guidance also run a … Read More

OPM Releases Revised Guidance for Federal Employees and Agencies

Recently released OPM Releases Revised Guidance on administrative furloughs for federal employees and agencies. These guidelines come at a crucial time when Trump administration is pressing for cutting down the federal workforce to save extra expenses. The guidelines also mention … Read More

Federal Employees’ Bonuses Threatened

New legislation introduced in the Senate is threatening federal employees’ bonuses. Three Senators are supporting the bill, and they propagate that they are saving the hard earned money of the taxpayers. If this bill becomes law, the chances are high … Read More

Federal Employees’ Managers Still Discouraging Teleworking: Report

A report from the Government Accountability Office has found that federal employees’ managers still discourage employees from teleworking. Though the number of federal workers opting for telework has increased and there is an increase in federal employee resources like technological … Read More

US Government Borrowing Money from TSP G Fund

TSP or Thrift Savings Plan has recently admitted that federal government is currently borrowing from the TSP G Fund so that it doesn’t run up against the debt ceiling limit. This borrowing would not impact the current and former federal … Read More

Retirement Assets Reach Over $19 Trillion in 2016

Per recent data shared by the Federal Reserve, retirement assets reach over $19 trillion. This data demonstrates the seriousness that people are approaching their retirement financial planning. Have a look at the numbers and see how the assets are … Read More

Federal Employees With More Than $1 million in Their TSP

More and more Federal Employees are amassing more than $1 million in their TSP or thrift savings plan account.  The reasons vary from the safety of the investment options to government contributions, to good performance. It is believed that if … Read More

Will Congress Approve Federal Employee Retirement Benefit Increases?

A congressman is attempting to create federal retirement benefit increases. The proposal offers the new calculation using CPI-E vs. CPI-W. Using CPI- U instead of CPI-W is also being proposed. It is not clear whether the Congress would even nod … Read More

Firing Federal Employees Becomes Easy

Most federal employees seek to know the best date to retire so that they can do the financial planning well. But it seems that they will need to plan ahead as firing federal employees has become easy thanks to a … Read More

Special Category Employees and Retirement Benefit Differences

Federal Retirement benefits are not always the same for every employee. If you are considered a Special Category employee, there are some distinguishable rules that you should be aware of. The categories that fall in this domain include the … Read More