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Federal Retirement News

Federal employees have access to federal employee retirement plans and benefits that are changing constantly.  The news and information related to these plans impact both the Federal Employee and Retirees along with their families but being the largest workforce on the planet, it also impacts overall US economy as well.  Stay updated with the federal employee retirement news and information and know more about what is happening in your world.

Some of the Federal Retirement News and topics that will cover:

Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) News
TSP Updates, and TSP Fund Information
Federal Employees’ Group Life Insurance (FEGLI) News
FEGLI rates changes and benefit information
Federal Employee Health Benefits (FEHB) News
FEHB and related health insurance news, such as Obamacare (Affordable Care Act), etc.
And much, much more

TSP Modernization Act Passes Congress

TSP Modernization Act Passes Congress

After successfully passing the Senate and the House, the TSP Modernization Act (H.R. 3031) is now in the process making its way to Trump’s desk at the White House.

thrift saving plan

Federal Government’s Uncertainty on Health Care May Ruin the Financial Planning of Californians

The financial planning of millions of Californians would be ruined if the government refuses to provide them with health care insurance subsidy.

federal employees

Survey Says: Federal Government Doesn’t Seek the Opinions of Federal Employees

A new survey has revealed that federal agencies are not using the brain power of federal employees and hence is hindering their creativity.

retirement rate

Late Medicare Enrollees May Not Receive Penalties

People who are late in enrolling to Medicare Part B may not have to pay any penalties as per the new rules. It is a relief for many Americans.

social security

How Much Social Security Benefit is Offered to Billionaires?

This article explores avenues regarding social security benefit and billionaires. It also highlights the maximum social security benefit in 2017.

federal employees

Fresh Attempt Initiated to Open FEHB Doors to the Public

A Republican is seeking a vital change regarding FEHB. He wants to Open FEHB Doors to the public along with federal employees and federal retirees.

federal employees

Federal Agencies Given More Time to Decide About SES Federal Employees

Federal agencies are given more time by the OPM to take decisions regarding SES Federal Employees due to President Trump’s reorganization order.

federal employees

How to Retain Cybersecurity for Federal Employees?

This article sheds light on how to retain federal cybersecurity employees by sharing the results of a survey that gave some amazing tips in that regard.

thrift saving plan

Americans Need Better Financial Planning…Here’s Why

Americans Need Better Financial Planning and build hefty retirement benefits & an emergency fund soon to avoid being penniless in retirement.

retirement benefits

SBA Demonstrates Ineffective Use of Early Federal Retirement Offers

An IG report has highlighted the flaws of SBA in implementing an early federal retirement program and the agency has agreed to its recommendations.

retirement benefits

OPM Catches Up on Federal Retirement Claims

OPM has made progress on clearing the mounting backlog of federal retirement claims in May 2017 but it has failed to reach the target of 13,000 claims.

retirement benefits

Church-Affiliated Hospitals May Be Exempt from Demands of Federal Retirement Income Law

US Supreme Court has recently ruled that church-affiliated hospitals can be excused from the demands of the federal retirement income law.

federal employees

Proposals to Cut Down Federal Employee Benefits and Federal Retirement Benefits Strongly Opposed

People are putting words to their thoughts on proposals to reduce federal employee benefits and federal retirement benefits by writing letters.

federal employee

How to Submit Your ‘Healthy’ and Complete Federal Retirement Application by Jeff Wiedrich

If you are currently going through the process of planning your retirement, you will need to submit a complete federal retirement application

US Capital Building

Congress Yet To Deal With Budget Plan That Affects Federal Retirement Benefits

The House’s recess has just started and will continue until after Labor Day – the Senate isn’t that far behind. Moreover, as of now, there has been no floor vote taken in regards to a budget plan that would cut federal retirement benefits, as suggested by the Trump Administration.

Thrift Savings Plan (TSP)

Federal Employees Get New Thrift Savings Plan Withdrawal Options

New TSP investment and withdrawal options hopefully come with extra financial stability and as well as better comprehension of the provisions of the federal retirement plans.

Indiana Republican Rep. Todd Rokita

Indiana Republican Brings Forth Legislation To Designate Federal Employees As At-Will

Indiana Republican Rep. Todd Rokita introduced legislation once again that would classify new federal employees as “at-will.”

Federal Employee Benefits Counselors

SEC Puts Out Warning To TSP Investors and Participants Of Scam

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has warned investors and participants in the Thrift Savings Plan about a scam directed at federal employees by former members of the Federal Employee Benefits Counselors organization.

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