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In a previous post we discussed the group life insurance, FEGLI, offered by the Federal Government to its employees.  We talked about the Basic Life Insurance offered to federal employees.  Let’s reiterate, at retirement your Basic insurance will be equal to your salary, rounded up to the next higher $1,000 plus $2,000.  Under the Basic insuranFEGLIce you may choose a 75% option whose cost remains the same as when you were an active employee until you reach age 65.
At age 65 your premiums cease and the value of your insurance declines by 2% per month until it reaches 25%.  At your death, the benefit will be 25% of the original amount.  If you choose the 50% reduction you will pay a higher premium until you reach age 65 or if you are already 65 at retirement.  After which, your premiums will decrease monthly with the value declining by 1% per month until it reaches 50%.  Therefore, the death benefit will be 50% of the original amount of the Basic life insurance.
If you choose the ‘no reduction’ option, which is slightly more expensive, your insurance will remain the same as it was when you retired.  You’ll pay a slightly higher premium until age 65, and then your monthly premium will drop.  This option allows your coverage to remain the same upon your death, paying the full amount as a death benefit.
Always talk to your human resources office or the plan administrator or a financial professional trained on your benefits to be certain you understand all the provisions of the life insurance you are choosing and the options.

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