FEGLI vs. Private Life Insurance

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FEGLI vs. Private Life Insurance

Life InsuranceThrift Savings Plan There’s really no question about whether it’s beneficial for new federal employees to stay in the Federal Employees’ Group Life Insurance (FEGLI) program which they are automatically enrolled into.  But it’s a good idea to know all your options, so perhaps you should take a look at the alternatives too.

In this case, the alternatives are private life insurance companies, so here’s a comparison of FEGLI vs. private life insurance.

FEGLI life insurance offers a lot of benefits, including automatic coverage for you and your family (if you opt for FEGLI Option C). The no-questions asked, guaranteed coverage is literally a life-saver for federal employees and their families if are older and/or have health issues and pre-existing diseases.

But in terms of price, private insurers are handily able to beat FEGLI premiums. Did you know ….. READ MORE


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