Higher FEGLI Rates in 2016 by Kevin Wirth

Kevin Wirth discusses the Higher FEGLI rates in 2016

If you’re enrolled in the FEGLI (Federal Employees’ Group Life Insurance) program, either as an employee or a retiree, you may have recently noticed that your premiums have increased. This is because the FEGLI plan has changed its premiums for those who are currently enrolled, effective as of the first pay period of 2016.


Although the rise in cost is considered to be “slight” for older enrollees (and in fact the cost for those who are in the younger age brackets has actually gone down), the increase in premium can nevertheless be difficult for some who have not had a pay raise lately, or who are living on a fixed income.

Yet, if you’re planning to cancel your FEGLI coverage due to the higher premium, you may want to consider all of your alternatives prior to moving forward, as well as the financial consequences of going without this important financial protection.

For example, most people carry life insurance so as to ensure that their loved ones will not have to endure some type of financial hardship upon their passing. With that in mind, ask yourself what type of debt you may be leaving behind, such as:

  • Unpaid mortgage balance
  • Personal loans
  • Auto loan(s)
  • Credit card debt
  • Any business loans or debt

You may also have additional financial needs to cover, such as a surviving spouse and / or dependent’s ongoing income – especially if retirement income sources will be reduced or eliminated upon your passing.

In addition, today, even the cost of basic final expenses can exceed $9,000 in many areas of the country now. This is especially the case when factoring in elements such as a burial plot, head stone, transportation, and obituary notices.

So, while the cost of your FEGLI premium may be rising, the cost of going without life insurance protection could be a great deal more. If this particular coverage is too cost prohibitive, though, there may be other options available in terms of an individual life insurance policy or a final expense life insurance plan.

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