Federal Law Enforcement (LEO) – Cost of Living Adjustments

LEO: Cost of Living Adjustments (COLAs)

leoThe federal LEO workforce is well acquainted with COLAs during their work careers.  As we present information in a comprehensive-friendly environment, it is our goal in providing that information to assist in paving the way for federal and postal employees to retire well.

COLAs extend into retirement.  Retirees’ annuities are increased for cost-of-living adjustments if they meet certain criteria: (1) You retired on disability, except if you receive a disability annuity based on 60 percent of the high-3 average salary.  This normally happens during the initial year of receiving disability benefits. (2) You are over 62 years of age. (3) You retired under special provisions for Law Enforcement Officers.* (4) A portion of your retirement is calculated under the Civil Service Retirement System (CSRS).

If you are a FERS retiree and are under age 62 and don’t meet the above criteria, you are not eligible for a COLA until you reach the age of 62.

*Provisions also cover Air Traffic Controllers and Firefighters.

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