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letter writing campaign
letter writing campaign

I read something recently that made me rethink how important Letter Carriers are.  We always think about them delivering the mail just like a habit that will never stop.  We absolutely never think about the possibility that the mail will not be delivered.  Mail Carriers are a constant in the lives of most Americans.  We know our carriers and we depend on them to deliver the mail.

A customer in New York can add something else to her list of what we depend on Mail Carriers for – SAVING HER LIFE.   Yes, saving her life.  The carrier in Yorktown Heights, NY noticed that his customer had not collected her mail for several days.  The carrier knew that was not her usual behavior.  He got very concerned and contacted Emergency Responders (ERs).  The ERs went to the woman’s home and found she needed medical attention.  The woman was transported to the local hospital where she was able to get additional care and as a result, fully recovered.

What a story.  The carrier didn’t simply determine that the mail pile-up was not his business but acted in a most humanitarian manner.  The Good Samaritan’s name is Robert Womascko.  The ERs credited Mr. Womascko for saving the woman’s life.  I think Mr. Womascko needs more than a thank you from the ERs and the woman, he needs a hero thank you from the Postal Service and from the Commander-in-Chief.  Mr. Womascko did something that was more than humane, he did something that was honorable to the highest degree.  Mr. Womascko cared about another human being’s life.  He didn’t just look at a condition and walk away.  He cared about the life of a woman who could have died had he not thought quickly to get help.

Letter carriers don’t just deliver mail, they save lives.  So if you read this post join in a letter writing campaign to the Commander-in-Chief-the President of the United States, the Post Master General and see that something of noteworthiness is done to recognize this Good Samaritan, this Honorable Man.

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