LITEBLUE’S July 17th

Post OfficeJuly 17th is an important day for the Postal Service.  July 17th is the last day to submit ideas about what the next generation of Post Office vehicles will look like and how they will need to function.  Let’s give the Post Office a big round of applause for including the people in the process who know it best.

Many organizations make decisions in a vacuum and use individuals in the organization who have absolutely no hands-on knowledge about the process.  The best folks to tell a baker whether his cake is good is not the baker, but those who eat the cake.  The best individuals to give input about Postal Delivery vehicles are the ones who drive them, repair and maintain them.  They are by far the very best authority to assist in designing the next generation of mail service delivery trucks.

The Post Office has an aging fleet of vehicles and are by all estimates not getting the efficiency of more modern vehicles.  Postal carriers and Vehicle Maintenance personnel have been asked by their supervisors and managers to submit  ideas and thoughts about what is needed in the Post Office’s next generation of service vehicles.   Postal carriers and Vehicle Maintenance personnel will submit their best suggestions in a number of categories by July 17, 2014.

The Post Office got it right – by including its people in the strategic planning process.

P. S.  Always Remember to Share What You Know.

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