New $17/Hour Job Openings with Milwaukee USPS

Known as ‘City Carrier Assistants,’ a new role will be opening towards the end of 2018 with the Milwaukee Post Office. As a non-career role, the position of CCA will be the first step on a road that leads to full-time carrier role for many individuals. The lucky applicants will start out with a salary of $16.78 per hour.

How does it work? Once hired, the CCA will have a short-term contract lasting a maximum of 360 days. Once this term comes to an end, an application will be available for CCAs to extend their stay for an additional 360 days. Like most jobs, although this one is short term, there are some benefits including vacation time, potential salary increases, and health benefits (after the first 360-day term).


To apply for this position, individuals will need to take part in a pre-employment drug screening, must own a valid driver’s license, and must have proof of a clean driving record. For those who pass the initial application process, they’ll be submitted for the Postal Entrance Examination 473; this requires a score of at least 70 to pass.

In order to apply for a CCA position and/or build a profile, visit this site.

USPS Headquarters