New Postal Retirement and Federal Retirement

The New Federal and Postal Retirement

Federal and Postal Retirees today face a new and fascinating world, one many prior retirees never had the opportunity to experience.  Federal and postal employees are a highly experiences group of workers with untold contributions to make to the society. The opportunity for these workers to continue being a benefit to society is enormous.  Many of these retirees will reenter the workforce either part-time, full-time or as contractors. Federal and Postal Retirement are not the same as they once were.

There so many challenges and opportunities awaiting the next generation of retirees.  There are of course the opportunity to travel without time constraints and the worry of being a part of the leave schedule calendar.  Others will return to school and pursue academic paths they never had the opportunity and time to complete.  Because of the wealth of information that has been acquired through years of federal and postal service, many will be the teachers and lecturers in our colleges, universities and our elementary and high schools.


Federal Retirement Changes

It is not the retirement that your mothers, fathers and grandparents knew.  They left the workforce and drifted into retirement not envisioing the many options retirees have today.  Retirees are living, often times, (30) years after they leave the workforce.  They have a lot of living left to do and a lot of important skills and knowledge to share with the world.

Federal and Postal employees represent the largest workforce in the world and the skills they possess range from A to Z.  Any classification of employment you can think of they have it.  They have the best of both worlds when it comes to education – they know it and they have done it.  They are not only the house, but the brick and mortar that built the house.

When we say see you later to the next generation of federal and postal retirement seekers that is exactly what we mean.  We will see you later in another endeavor still leading the way to the greatness of our nation only this time it will be on your own terms.

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