New Retirement Benefits Rules Approved in the Cumberland County

The Cumberland County Commission has recently given a nod to various personnel policies that include offering health insurance to certain county employees as a part of their retirement benefits. The changes were suggested by a local lawyer and the board approved the motion by a vast majority. Some county members did not attend the meeting in which the motion was implemented.

health benefitsBetter Retirement Benefits offered to Cumberland County Members

The Cumberland County Commission has approved several new personnel policies that will impact many departments under the General Fund of the county. The changes include offering a better retirement benefit to the employees who have served for more than 30 years. Such employees would get health insurance that will be paid for by the county. The health insurance is valid until an employee becomes eligible for Medicare.

It is pertinent to add here that the employees can continue with the state health insurance plan after retirement but they would need to pay 100 percent.

The Leader

The leader behind this necessary retirement benefit was Randal Boston, who serves as a county attorney. He strongly suggested that the changes must be approved by the county commission.

The Motion

The motion was initiated by 7th District commissioner, Roy Turner and he got immense support from 7th District commissioner, Elbert Farley too. The motion was passed with a huge majority of 12:4 votes. Commissioners who voted in favor of approval were Harry Sabine, Tom Isham, Wendell Wilson, Dave Hassler, Rebecca Stone, Terry Lowe, Jack Davis, David Gibson, Sandra Baster Dutcher, Terry Carter, Farley and Turner.

The commissioners who were against the motion were Allen Foster, Tracey Scarbrough, Woody Geisler and Sonya Rimmer.

Two of the commissioner’s stand remains unknown as they chose not to be present during the meeting in which the motion was passed by the Commission. The names of these commissioners are Tim Claflin and Nancy Hyder.

Who Will Benefit?

The new retirement benefits option given to the county employees would benefit scores of people who have served the county non-stop for a time span of 30 years. It includes the personnel working for the Election Commission and the Sherriff’s office. The new motion would also benefit the Assessor of Property, County Clerk and Master, Circuit Court Clerk, General Sessions Judge, Register of Deeds, and the County Trustee.

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