Overview: Federal Disability Retirement

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This is relief from civil or federal service due to a health condition that has rendered an employee incompetent or unfit for the work they had been effectively executing before and is legally acknowledged. This special benefits package is accorded to the employees of postal and federal categories. Based on medical grounds of the employee, FERS and CSRS are able to acknowledge this offer.

Workers who have developed a disability or a medical condition that hinders their productivity in the workplace are the beneficiaries of this package. The Office of Personnel Management approves this if an employee applies for disability retirement, or he or she proves needy.

However social security disability and OPM disability retirement should not be confused, the difference between the two is that you qualify for social security disability when there is an absolute disability and for the latter, proof of unproductivity due to health limitations.

Disability Retirement Qualifications

You need to produce medical proof and show an inability to perform in the workplace and the inadequacy leading to incompetency with your current position. You should be recognized by CSRS for five years or have served in the Federal service for at least 18 months.  It should be clear that for minimally one year from the date you apply for disability retirement, the medical condition that has incapacitated you will proceed.  With no remedy for the victim, the employer may be left with no choice but to relieve the victim of disability, considering the negative impact of the medical condition.

The OPM Disability Retirement is a sure way of easing the suffering of an employee in their time of need, seeing as they have been serving the state. If you need assistance, a FERS disability lawyer is a very important person to keep around. They will be the bridge between the government and the agency to make sure that you are granted the right to enjoy the free time to recover.

Federal Disability Retirement

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