Protect Your Social Security Number From Being Stolen

Your Social Security Number is one of the most important numbers in most American’s lives, and many Federal employees fail to take steps necessary to keep their Social Security number from being stolen.  But one of the social security facts people fail to recognize is how easy it is for someone to gain access to your Social Security number, and in fact, that there are many websites compromise your social security number for as little as a few hundred dollars and give the hackers a chance to steal your information. So, how do you protect yourself? Read on to know.

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Websites Are Selling Your Social Security Number

There are a number of sites that will sell your social security number at a very low cost. One of such websites is that offers a guaranteed and legal way of finding someone’s social security number. Attorney Caren Nichol says that these sites are not illegal in their face regardless of the very chilling reality that most people who are buying social security numbers could easily create a large amount of harm with them. The website shares the social security number for genuine reasons like debt recovery, forgotten social security number or child support. Nichol says that someone should ask another person social security number only for tax purposes or while signing up for a government benefit, nothing beyond that.

It’s So Easy To Get Someone’s Social Security Number

If someone wishes to get a social security number, all they will need is your name, date of birth and $250. With your name and birth dates on almost everyone’s social media profiles, this small purchase price makes an effort almost too easy. Nichol adds that it is not illegal to have someone’s social security information, it is illegal when the information is gathered for the purpose of stealing someone’s identity or obtaining a financial gain.

Better Business Bureau’s Stand On Social Security Number Sales

When Better Business Bureau was informed about the practices of, it suggested that people check these types of companies and Google them before trusting them. A company with no address is suspicious. is traced to a virtual address in Delaware and when we called them to verify their business and to ask questions for this article – nobody even answered the phone.

How Can Federal Employees Keep Their Social Security Number From Being Stolen

A simple way to protect your social security number is to remove all the personal information like your full name or birth date from social media profiles. Nichol also advises that you do not share your social security number with strangers, even the doctors’ office until it becomes necessary.

Advice from the Social Security Administration

The Social Security Administration wants all the citizens to be aware of the websites that advertise the sale of replacement social security number as these websites might put across a false connection to the SSA. These operations and the numbers are not legitimate.

If you are suspicious of an identity theft, you should report it and get a recovery plan at as this website is managed by the Federal Trade Commissioner, which is the nation’s consumer protection agency. You can also call 1-877-IDTHEFT (1-877-438-4338 or TTY 1-866-653-4261).

Inspector General’s Advice

The Social Security’s Office of the Inspector General has offered the advice about how to keep your Social Security Number From Being Stolen below.

  • You should be aware of all the websites that claim to sell replacement social security numbers as they do not have a connection with SSA and the numbers they provide are not legitimate.
  • You should realize that the numbers offered on these websites are usually stolen so you should be vigilant and protect your personal information. Parents should take every possible precaution to protect the personal information and social security numbers of their children.
  • You should secure all electronic and paper records displaying your personal information or the personal information of your child.
  • You should destroy the documents regarding personal information or shred it rather than just throwing it in the trash.
  • To get a notice of any unauthorized or suspicious activity, you should use the freeze and alert options provided by the credit reporting companies.
  • You should remain vigilant about the events that might put your personal information at risk. For instance, if you lose your purse or wallet that contained your personal information or there is a break-in incident at your home, office, doctor’s office or your child’s school. In all these events, your personal information could be compromised.


It is one of the social security facts that there are many ways out there to compromise your social security number. You should follow all the methods mentioned above to protect the information. Additionally, you should do social security calculation regularly to be able to spot any change in numbers which might happen if someone has stolen your social security data.

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