Retired Federal Employees can soon Donate to CFC

The Obama administration has given its nod to retired federal employees for investing their time and money towards the Combined Federal Campaign. The new changed were made after a commission recommended some changes to modernize the campaign.   The campaign needs to be revived as its donations have been falling consistently since the last few years.
Retired federal employees would be allowed to contribute to the Combined Federal Campaign either with their time or with money from September 2017.

How and When will retired Federal Employees be allowed to contribute to CFC?

The retired federal employees would be allowed to contribute in the CFC from September 2017. They would be able to make the payments towards the initiative via monthly annuitant payments. They would also be allowed to volunteer with certain charities and the hours spent in this work would be monetized and counted towards the CFC goals.

The Executive Order

President Barack Obama signed an executive order recently that allowed the OPM to not only authorize but also lead the CFC.

OPM’s Opinion

The Acting Director of OPM, Beth Cobert stated that the changes would let all the federal, military and postal employees to give back to their respective communities either through their time or their checkbooks. She also stated that this easy option will let over 2 million federal annuitants take part in the CFC via the annuities.

Cobert added that they hope to raise more money for the worthy causes from the employees who prefer to donate over the entire course of their career and into retirement as well. OPM also mentioned that the changes to the campaign would give federal employees, especially the younger ones to engage actively with CFC.

The Recommendation

The changes to the campaign have been initiated after the recommendations made by the CFC-50 Commission were highlighted. The recommendations were based on a year-long study. The Commission was convened in 2011 by OPM to study and propose some recommendations that will modernize the campaign. A major recommendation suggested that the OPM must add retirees to expand the giving base of the campaign. It also mentioned that about 24 percent if the 2.5 million retired federal workers were willing to give to CFC at the time of the study.

Fewer Donations

The provision to let retired federal employees contribute to CFC is a boon for the campaign which has recently seen a decline in the donations. The National capital area employees raised just $46.5 million for 2015’s CFC and were unable to meet the $50 million goal.

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