New Retirement Saving Tool that can Improve Your Retirement Benefits

Retirement Benefits

Almost all individuals who are planning to have a comfortable retirement often seek the help of tools that can direct them. Principal, a financial planning company has made things easier for such people by recently launching Move to the Green Challenge. Any person, who is planning to retire, can participate in this challenge by using a financial wellness tool. It tells you whether you are saving enough for your retirement benefits or not.

Retirement Benefits

How the Retirement Saving Tool helps in deciding the Retirement Benefits?

The retirement saving tool works by using a real-time savings graph, interactive sliders, and intuitive prompts. They will let you know how making a few simple changes can help you to have more financial security and a steady flow of retirement benefits.

The tool would also offer every user a personalized score that tells them whether they are on the right path or not. It also has red, yellow and green indicators. Everyone should aim for the green indicator as it means that you will get 70 to 85 percent of our current income after retirement.

The Previous Attempt

The company issued a statement that stated that a similar initiative was started last year and people liked it too. About one-third of people who participated last year increased the retirement plan deferral amount by 3.75% points to get 10% of pay. The statement also announced that there has been about 30% increase in the number of participants who made use of the plan and increased the deferrals since the launch of the Retirement Wellness Planner of the company.

Personalized Experience Helps

The Senior Vice President of Retirement and Income Solutions at Principal, Mr. Jerry Patterson recently stated that the idea of offering a personalized as well as interactive online experience plays a vital role in helping users understand how and where they can make better saving decisions. They are making use of the suggestions. He also added that saving more and earlier is the best thing all people can do to be well prepared for retirement.

The Benefits

People who take part in the Move to the Green Challenge would not only boost their retirement benefits, they have also got a shot at winning a few Plantronics BackBeat FIT wireless stereo headphones. If a person plans to try the challenge, it is not mandatory to have an existing retirement account with Principal.

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