SAINT MOTHER TERESA by Dianna Tafazoli

mother teresaThe Vatican is making way for Mother Teresa to become a Saint. Mother Teresa who died in the same week as Lady Diana in 1997 was barely mentioned in many media outlets because her death was competing with Lady Diana’s – the People’s Princess. Mother Teresa, the small woman known as the “Saint of the Gutter” spent her life taking care of the poor and disenfranchised.

Pope Francis announced that Mother Teresa will be canonized next September, 2017. It is said that the Vatican is looking for one more miracle performed by the late Mother Teresa. Mother Teresa was from Calcutta and was also known as the Jewel of India. The Church is said to wait about 5 years before they even think about canonization of anyone. It has been well over 5 years since Mother Teresa died. As a matter of fact she, like Lady Diana, has been dead for 18 years. The people of Calcutta have something to look forward to next and so does the world.

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Dianna Tafazoli

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