Smart TSP Investors Could Have $1M in Plan At Retirement – By Timothy Walker

Smart TSP Investors Could Have $1M At Retirement

By Timothy Walker

Timothy Walker works with federal employees and helps them maximize their retirement benefits.

When it comes to the Thrift Savings Plan (TSP)  there’s no other plan that can match its greatness. After all, it’s got the lowest administrative fees, which allows people to put additional cash into their (TSP).

Timothy Walker
Timothy Walker

The majority of employees who qualify for the FERS retirement system get a 5% match from the government.  This means most employees get tax-deferred free money. Only a limited number of employers offer their employees 401(k) plans, and even less have matching worker contributions at the 5% level. With a steady investment in the TSP – going with S and stock-indexed C funds – most federal and postal workers living within modest means can become wealthy from their TSP. They invested when they first could, stayed with their investing plan even during the Great Recession and have around or more than $1 million now.

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Vanguard founder and financial pro, John Bogle said he wishes he could invest in the TSP. People who run it are watched very carefully. There is a multitude of federal regulatory agencies that watch it. Employees, Congress members, along with their staff are in the TSP as well.

There are many resources out there about The Thrift Savings Plan. Be diligent and ask questions. There are professionals out there that do understand many of the factors about the plan, like myself. Whether you have questions about investing in the plan or you’re ready to think about retirement and need guidance, I’m here to help!

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Smart TSP Investors Could Have $1M in Plan At Retirement - By Timothy Walker

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