Social Security Benefits for Working Ex-Spouses

Social Security Benefits for Working Ex-Spouses

Social Security BenefitsThe earnings limit may apply to your ex-spouse the same as you if they continue working while receiving benefits.  Also if your ex-spouse receives a pension based on work not covered by Social Security, their Social Security benefit may be impacted.

The benefit level that your ex-spouse may receive will not impact the amount of Social Security benefit either you or your current spouse may receive.
If you are in doubt about what benefits and the amount of the benefit your ex-spouse may be entitled to, you may visit the Social Security Administration’s website.  Ex-spouses may also visit the Social Security Administration’s website for information concerning their rights.

The Social Security Administration has a plethora of information that can be found on the website that will address any issues you may have concerning benefits to ex-spouses.  If the answer you are seeking is not found on the website, you may submit your questions directly to Social Security.  Although the Social Security Administration can be reached via phone, the fastest service is always available through their wide and diverse tools of online services.

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Social Security Benefits for Ex-Spouses

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