Social Security – Exercise

Social Security Refresher Quiz

Social SecurityUse the questions below to underscore your understanding of the complexities of Social Security.  You may do the exercise individually or as a group.  It is a good way to get family and friends thinking about the importance of getting started early to retire well.

1. What is your projected Social Security retirement benefit in today’s dollars beginning with your proposed retirement date?
2. What would be your Social Security benefit at your normal retirement age based on the year of your birth?
3. What is your spouse’s benefit at his/her projected retirement age?
4. What will be the survivor benefit for each of you?

Visit the Social Security website at for more information and to become more familiar with the on-line calculators. These resources are crucial in determining that you fully understand Social Security and how it works. There is no such thing as too much preparation for your future – by the same token, there is no downside for refreshing your knowledge on the subject.
Although there is so much more to cover about Social Security and its role in your retirement future, we are prepared to set our sights on realizing our retirement vision and reaching the goals we are putting in place to retire well.

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