Special Provisions and Open Season

Special Provisions & Open Season for Federal and Postal Retirees


Open SeasonFERS and CSRS eligible employees have the opportunity to enroll or make special provisions to their FEHB, Dental and Vision coverage (FEDVIP) along with making the Flexible Spending Account elections (FSAFEDS) that best their families.  However, during open season retirees may change their enrollment via phone or in writing.

Although changes to your health plan are made during Open Season, whether you are FERS or CSRS, certain qualifying events such as change in family status, change in employment or loss of your FEHB coverage, allow changes to be made at the time the event happens.

Open season runs from the Monday of the second full work week in November through the Monday of the second full work week in December.  Employees have a menu of plans to choose from that are also available to retirees.  Retirees should always take the opportunity to explore what benefit options are available to them in retirement.

If you’re interested in more information on your Federal and Postal Retirement please read this.

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