Children of Veterans Get Free School Supplies in San Antonio

Children of veterans who served the nation at some point and are fighting poverty and homelessness have a new reason to smile. The U.S Department of Veterans Affairs recently offered free school supplies to them in San Antonio and helped … Read More

Philadelphia Residents Contributing Least Towards Retirement Benefits

A new research has proven that Philadelphia residents contribute the least amount of money towards their retirement benefits. They are hence less prepared for the retirement and may struggle financially in their senior years. The major reason behind the … Read More

OPM Reduces Retirement Benefits Backlog Again

OPM has made considerable progress in clearing up the backlog of pending retirement benefits cases in the month of April. Although the main reason behind the reduced amount of backlog could be the fact that the agency received fewer applications, … Read More

Retirement Benefits to Become History in Kennesaw

The elected officials of Kennesaw will no longer get any retirement benefits. This was decided unanimously by the city council on Monday. The officials who are already getting the benefits would be allowed to get them in the future, … Read More

FEGLI and the Living Benefit by Paul Kalra

Paul Kalra, FEGLI and the Living Benefit

Paul Kalra

Paul Kalra is a financial planner and federal retirement expert in Lake Forest, California.

Although most people purchase life insurance for the death benefit protection that it provides, many may not realize that

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5 Things That Surviving Spouses Must Know About Social Security

social securityCarrying on with your life after you have lost a spouse is a painful ordeal. Yet, you have to do it and live your life in peace. One of the things that can help you fight off the grief is … Read More

Police retirement benefits need to be restored

police retirement benefitsThe Utah Legislature is now in session and the legislators will do themselves and the general public a lot of good if they urge the Utah Retirement board to go back on their previously formed decision concerning the retirement benefitsRead More

Social Security Navigation and Optimizing Benefits

social securitySocial security is one of the most important fund and it plays a really vital role in how Americans decide on funding their retirement accounts today. Many researches indicate that more than half of the American population rely on Social Read More

Social security changed throughout 2015. Here’s how

social securitySocial security isn’t something that has just hit centre stage. It has been with us for over 80 years now but during this whole tenure, there have been considerable changes made. The year 2015 was no different; there were some … Read More

For Once the Federal Pays and Benefits Spared By the Budget Deal

Budget Agreement

budgetThe budget agreement that is set to last for the next 2 years was presented a few days back and there is some serious good news for the federal employees in that for once, the fed employees’ benefits … Read More

Details about the new military retirement system

military retirement system


Soon we will be hearing from the Defense Department regarding the new military retirement system that’s set to be put in to effect from January the 1st of 2018. There are some intricate details regarding the system that … Read More

Veterans unhappy Because of Camp Lejeune Benefits

camp lejeune benefitsThere were about 150 veterans of the Marine Corps who attended a conference at a room at the Grand Hyatt Tampa Bay along with their families. The town hall meeting was intended to hear what the federal scientist and the … Read More

No More Social Security Loopholes

social securitySocial security benefits have always been a way for federal employees to squeeze some extra undeserved money from the government. Retirees for decades now have been able to get handsome amounts (up to tens of thousands of dollars) and there Read More

Responder Benefits for Kelley Chase’s Widow



The federal government has always been keen on providing the family of ex-officers with benefits whenever possible and they didn’t make an exception when the administration agreed to change their initial verdict and gave responder benefits to the family … Read More

The Harsh Realities of the Employee Wellness Plans

changes made in the recently released reports

8225598402_b8b5fc9e56_oThere have been some changes made in the recently released reports about the employee wellness programs and plans by the Government and there are some striking alterations that weren’t expected. Recently the employees … Read More

Get Your Hands On Retirement Benefits Sooner


Get Your Hands on Retirement Benefits

With the passing of every year, you see your old age draw closer to you and if you haven’t got yourself covered with a fancy retirement plan, the years are going to be very … Read More

Federal Employees Would Pay More For Pension Benefits

pension benefits

Pension Protection Act of 2006. EEOB 450

Federal Employees Would Pay More For Pension Benefits

A newly raised House bill will make the federal employees of the state pay a considerably larger amount for their future pension benefits. This has … Read More

Survivors Wait Years for Federal Death Benefits

Survivors Wait Years for Federal Death Benefits

Every year, hundreds of families wait a year or more to receive death benefits following the loss of their spouse or other family member in the line of duty. In 1976, … Read More

EO to Force Federal Contractors to Provide Paid Sick Leave

EO Would Force Federal Contractors to Provide Paid Sick Leave to Employees

Federal ContractorsPresident Obama is planning to issue an executive order that will make it mandatory for federal contractors and sub-contractors to provide up to seven days of paid leave … Read More

Will Insurance Premiums Rise For Federal Employees?

Health Insurance Premiums and Federal Employees

Premiums RiseThere has been plenty of talk about health insurance premiums being on the rise with more of the financial responsibility being placed on the employee.  The premiums on health insurance for Federal and Postal … Read More