The CSRS .


Federal Employee Benefits and Early Federal Retirement

Considering Early Federal Retirement?  You should know what happens to your benefits when you retire before you are eligible for your full benefit package?

People often wonder about the best date to retire so that they can avail maximum federal … Read More

Planning for Retirement in Five Years by Ron Raffino

Tips from Ron Raffino for Those Planning on Retiring in Five Years

retirement benefitsYou must have heard that it’s never too late to start planning, but have you heard it’s never too early to start planning? In fact, the earlier you … Read More

Getting Started Early for a Successful Retirement by Kevin Wirth

Kevin Wirth Explains How to Get Started Early for a Successful Retirement

Kevin Wirth

Kevin D. Wirth – Retirement Expert

Nearly everyone dreams about the day they can retire. Regardless of whether you plan to hike in the mountains, relax on the … Read More

Federal Employees May Get a Social Security Boost

A WEP provision of the old Civil Service Retirement System has been reducing the benefits of many federal employees. A new bill was introduced by Republican leader Kevin Brady to change the WEP provision. If the change is successful, it … Read More

Figuring Out Your Federal Retirement Annuity by Jeff Boettcher

Figuring Out Your Federal Retirement Annuity by Jeff Boettcher, AIF

Jeff Boettcher

Jeff Boettcher

Having a plan for retirement is a must. This is because simply saving for the future, without any knowledge of what you will have available in terms of … Read More

Can federal employees get phased retirement

We all know that the Moving Ahead for Progress program authorized the phased retirement program but are the federal employees of the US eligible to apply for it and eventually enjoy its benefits? In 2014, the office of personnel management Read More

Things to know about federal retirement and taxes

phased federal retirement

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If you are a servant of the federal government, then there is nothing you would look forward to more than achieving your federal retirement and enjoy the benefits that follow. The road towards retirement isn’t … Read More

Retiring in 2016; These Tax Traps Are To Be Avoided

2016 promises to be a year during which state and federal income taxes are not going to stay constant. If you are planning to retire during this year, then there are some tax traps for you to avoid.Read More

Civil Service Pay Raise Will Be Dependent On Performance

civil serviceCivil Service Pay Raise Will Be Dependent On Performance

The rises in pays are always anticipated by workers and officers from around the country and there is some news to pay heed to for the public sector officers and workers. … Read More

The Results Are In! Government Has Failed To Properly Train Federal Employees

 The results are in! Less than 20% of Federal Employees are satisfied with the retirement training they have received. -75% report receiving no training at all.

Nearly 1 Million Federal Employees were asked to participate in the 2015 … Read More

Reconsidering FEGLI Life Insurance at Age 55

First published on COMPAREFEGLI.COM

Reconsidering FEGLI Life Insurance at Age 55

fegli life insuranceThe age of 55 is a critical milestone when it comes to federal retirement benefits and plans. If you have put in 30 years of service, this is the … Read More

Senate Passes Bill to Reduce FERS and CSRS Benefits Fraud and Misuse

Senate Passes Bill to Reduce FERS and CSRS Benefits Fraud and Misuse

CSRSThe U.S. Senate, in one of its rare acts of bipartisan support for a bill through Unanimous Consent, has passed the Representative Payee Fraud Prevention Act of 2015.… Read More

Federal Employees Could Face Higher Medicare Premiums

Rising Medicare Costs

MedicareA law fluke could cause a price hike in Medicare costs for individuals receiving federal retirement benefits. This hike could affect several hundred thousand retired federal employees. The law fluke conspiring with low inflation rates could see … Read More

Programming Error Forces DFAS to Issue CSRS Offset Program Refunds

Programming Error Forces DFAS to Issue CSRS Offset Program Refunds

Retirement Some of the federal employees who are in the Defense Finance and Accounting Service’s Civil Service Retirement System (CSRS) Offset program may be in for a pleasant surprise.… Read More

FERS – An Overview

FERS (Federal Employees Retirement System) – An Overview


Working for the federal government has its perks, and one of them is a comprehensive retirement package, commonly referred to as FERS (The Federal Employees Retirement System). The multi-faceted program empowers its … Read More

Important 2014 TSP Dates

Important 2014 TSP Dates for Federal Employees


The TSP will be closed during the holiday season.  As a Federal employee you should pay special attention to the dates below if you intend to make any changes to your TSP account.Read More

Is Retirement On Your Christmas List?

Many Federal Employees See the End fo the Year as a Good Time To Retire


Are you planning to retire at the end of the year, starting 2015 as a retiree instead of an active Federal employee?  You might hear … Read More

Women and Retirement

Women and RetirementThe greatest cause of homelessness in America for women is divorce.  Although women are making higher salaries, their salaries are still not equal to their male counterparts.  When women are faced with divorce their resources often take on a different … Read More

Does The Federal Government Know What You Need?

Federal GovernmentThe Office of Personnel Management (OPM) conducts a survey to check the pulse of the workforce in terms of the Government’s performance, but does the Government know what its workers really need.  Is the Government engaging the employees … Read More