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Retirement Benefits Savers Get a Gift from IRS

The Internal Revenue Service of the USA has given a special gift to all the retirees who have some retirement benefits saving. It has allowed them a chance to explain why they didn’t stick to the 60-day deadline while moving … Read More

Fraud Protection For Retired Federal Officials

federal officialsFraud protection is something of paramount importance in the skeptic and cynical world of today and where social security and other veteran benefit policies are protected against fraud, federal retirement benefits is not.

This is something that was always in … Read More

It’s Almost Federal Benefits Open Season For Federal Employees

It’s Almost Federal Benefits Open Season For Federal Employees

The Federal Benefits Open Season is just round the corner (Nov 9-Dec 14) and is your one and only annual opportunity to enroll or make changes to your health, dental, vision, … Read More

Dem Debate Helps Paid Family Leave Stand Out Among Federal Benefits

Dem Debate Helps Paid Family Leave Stand Out Among Federal Benefits

federal benefits

Apart from the private email server issue, just about the only other thing that the top three Democratic candidates for the Presidential nomination could agree upon was about paid … Read More

Sequestration Rally to Protect Federal Employee Benefits

Sequestration Rally to Protect Federal Employee Benefits

benefitsCongressional leaders and the American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE) teamed up to organize a rally at the U.S. Capitol in a bid to attract support for an agreement to end sequestration cuts.… Read More

Potential Government Shut Down Threatens Federal Benefits

Potential Government Shut Down Threatens Federal Benefits and Retirement

Congressman Rick Nolan, a Democrat from Minnesota is trying to equalize penalties for a government shutdown by ensuring that lawmakers lose access to their federal benefits during a shutdown. The bill … Read More

Federal Employee Benefits Protected against Taxation

Federal Employee Benefits Protected against Taxation

federal employee benefitsChanges to a federal tax law now protect the federal employee benefits of a public safety officer who was disabled or killed in the line of duty. Congress unanimously approved the “Don’t Tax our … Read More

Federal Employees Have New Union Leader

Federal Employees Have New Union Leader

federal employeesThe National Treasury Employees Union instated Tony Reardon as president of the Union. The Treasure Employees Union is the second largest federal employee union. Reardon has spent the last 25-years working as a staff … Read More

New Bill helps Seasonal Workers Become Actual Federal Employees

Senate Passes Bill to Help Seasonal Workers Become Full-Time Federal Employees

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The U.S. Senate passed the Land Management Workforce Flexibility Act, clearing the last hurdle on a bill that will make it easier for seasonal workers to transition into becoming … Read More

Could Taking Early FERS Retirement Cost Benefits? – by June Kirby

Could Taking Early FERS Retirement Cost You Your SRS Benefit?

by June Kirby

Although taking retirement early may sound appealing to many people, doing so could end up being detrimental to your retirement income situation – especially in … Read More

Do You Have a Federal Retirement Individual Action Plan

Retirement Individual Action PlanBuilding your Federal Retirement Individual Action Plan (IAP) starts first with building your Financial Plan – the key element to your retirement future.  In order to achieve our collective goal of retiring with comfort and security, we must underscore the … Read More

Federal Benefits: Keeping Abreast of Federal Benefit Changes

Keeping Aware of Federal Benefits Changes

federal benefitsProvisions and guidelines for postal and federal benefits may change often.  We need to stay alert for any and all changes that impact our federal retirement benefits now and in the future,  The more … Read More

Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey

Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey: What You Think Matters

federal employeeArriving in the mailboxes of Federal Employees will soon be the 2014 Employee Viewpoint Survey.  Employees have until early June to complete the survey.  Every federal employee should actively participate in … Read More

OPM and UMUC: Partnership for America’s Greatness

OPM and UMUC Partnership

opmThe Office of Personnel Management (OPM) has partnered with the University of Maryland, University College (UMUC) to ensure federal employees and their families acquire the skills needed to compete on the global stage.

The … Read More

Social Security – Background


Social SecurityAs we continue building our laundry list of things we need to know and do in order to prepare to retire well, Social Security is a major item on our list.  The Social Security Act was signed on … Read More

How To Retire Happy


HappyThe first step to making sure you are happy in retirement is to understand that YOU MATTER.  Many of us subconsciously define ourselves by our jobs and job titles.  When those things no longer exist, we … Read More

FEGLI – 75% Reduction Election

FEGLI: 75% Reduction

FEGLIThere are some dates or time periods that are important when discussing FEGLI.  Although, we are clearly in the year 2014, I am still going to discuss dates prior in the event retirees or family members Read More

FEGLI – The Order of Precendence

FEGLI: Order of Precedence

FEGLINow that we have discussed how a death claim will be paid.  Let’s discuss to whom the death benefit will be paid.  The Federal Government uses what is termed an Order of Precedence.  The FEGLI Order Read More

More About FEGLI – FEGLI Option C

FEGLI Option C

FEGLIIn previous articles we discussed Basic insurance and Options A and B and various FEGLI rates.  Now let’s talk about the third option under the Federal Employees Group Life Insurance – Option C.  Option C is … Read More