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A federal employee is a qualified individual who serves the federal government. There are many sectors a specific employee can be serving the government in.


Federal Employee Health Benefits and FEGLI at Retirement – Robb Fenton

Federal Employee Health Benefits and Federal Employee Group Life Insurance at Retirement

health benefits Robb FentonIf you’re a federal employee who is considering retirement and you are covered by both the FEHB (Federal Employee Health Benefits) program for health insurance and the FEGLI Read More

Federal Employees Share Vital Opinions in OPM’s FEVS Survey

OPM has disclosed the full results of the FEVS survey taken by thousands of federal employees. The results share the long term plans of the workers, their opinion of the senior leaders and supervisors and their willingness to do … Read More

Retirement Benefits Savers Get a Gift from IRS

The Internal Revenue Service of the USA has given a special gift to all the retirees who have some retirement benefits saving. It has allowed them a chance to explain why they didn’t stick to the 60-day deadline while moving … Read More

Higher FEGLI Rates in 2016 by Kevin Wirth

Kevin Wirth discusses the Higher FEGLI rates in 2016

If you’re enrolled in the FEGLI (Federal Employees’ Group Life Insurance) program, either as an employee or a retiree, you may have recently noticed that your premiums have increased. This is … Read More

Federal Employees with Same-Sex Marriages to Benefit from FMLA

OPM has recently announced that federal employees with same-sex marriages will now be given the FMLA leaves like employees who have opposite sex marriages. The agency started to amend this rule since 2014 but it has now been … Read More

Federal Employees with Autistic Children to Benefit from New Policy

The OPM has directed the carriers to include Autism Spectrum Disorder in the healthcare and insurance plans for federal employees. It will allow the service men and women to take better care of an autistic child. This new policy … Read More

Retirement and 4 percent

Retirement and the 4% Rule

The financial services industry has been depictive in the past 2 decades or so of the fact that the retired officials of the federal government have a great chance of making their savings … Read More

FEHB and the 5-Year Requirement by Dan Hartenstein

Federal Employee Health Benefits information from Dan Hartenstein

Dan HartensteinIf you’re a federal employee who is covered under the FEHB (Federal Employees Health Benefits) program and you are considering retirement in the near future, there are some things you may need … Read More

Clinton endorsed by the biggest Fed Union

Clinton endorsed by the biggest Fed Union

hillary-clinton fed unionHilary Clinton didn’t surprise many when she started running for President and recently she has been receiving endorsements like she is a real deal. In the past week, the largest Fed Union endorsed … Read More

Federal Employees Benefits Premiums Increasing? by Dan Hartenstein

FEHB Advice from Dan Hartenstein

Dan Hartenstein

Dan Hartenstein is a financial advisor in Oahu, HI specializing in retirement planning and federal retirement benefits

Last fall, when the 7.4% (on average) increase in FEHB (Federal Employees Health Benefits) premiums was announced by … Read More

US 2017 Federal Budget Proposal:1.6% Federal Employee Pay Raise

US 2017 Federal Budget Proposal: 1.6% Federal Employee Pay Raise and Paid Parental Leave


Fed BudgetThe newly-released   President Barrack Obama’s Administration’s Fiscal Year 2017 Federal Budget Proposal includes the 1.6% federal employee pay raise and six weeks of fully paid parental … Read More

Retirement tips for people of all ages

phased federal retirement tips

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Retirement for most is something that looks placed in the very distant future but in the world of today, to have a sustainable post-retirement life, you need to start preparing as soon as you possibly can. … Read More

How to make your retirement savings plan risk-free

retirement savingsRetirement plans are talked about a lot these days in workplaces and between federal employees. A good retirement savings plan can go a long way in making a retiree live a prosperous life. Some workspaces provide the facility to … Read More

Federal Employee Retirement Savings Tips

We all strive to make more money and the start of a new year can represent good place to start.  For federal employees, there are a lot of different strategies for boosting federal employee retirement savings and … Read More

Is it Good or Bad News … or Just News? by Dianna Tafazoli

DIVERSITYFederal employees are always pleased to hear good news that will potentially benefit them and their families.  Whether the fed is new to the workforce or living in retirement, health benefits are one of the most important incentives for … Read More

Government Spending Money In The Wrong Areas, Says Senator

government spendingA U.S. senator has lost his cool while talking about a study that’s funded by the government. This study has an approximate budget of 375 thousand dollars and it’s meant to examine the dating habits of senior residents of the Read More

Making Wise FEGLI Assignment Decision In Today’s Market

Making wise FEGLI assignment decision in today’s market

fegliYou may allocate your Federal Employees Group Life Insurance or FEGLI to one or more persons, firms or trusts. Task implies that you consent to surrender responsibility for Basic, Standard Optional and … Read More

Private Sector Leads Federal Salaries By 35 Percent

federal salaries

Federal Salaries 35% Less Than Private Sector

Unexpectedly and some may say tragically the salaries of the private sector employees are a lot more than those of their federal employee counterparts that do similar jobs. The federal salaries continue to … Read More

Medicare Premiums to Rise for Some Retirees

Medicare Premiums to Rise for Some Retirees

medicare premiumsOn Monday, November 1, President Obama signed legislation that averts what, for many federal retirees, would have been a very large increase in their Medicare Part B insurance premiums. Instead of facing a … Read More

Full Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey Report

Full Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey Report

The U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM) today released the complete Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey (FEVS) results for 2015.

This year’s survey was administered from April to May 2015, with 421,748 employees … Read More