federal employees

Federal employees are the qualified individuals that serve the federal government. Their services play an important role in the running of the country as well as in the economy and they are compensated well for their efforts via retirement plans and allowances.


Federal Agencies Are Responsible For Retirement Education?

Whether or not Federal Agencies are responsible for retirement education and planning information is no longer a matter for debate.  It is mandatory for every federal agency to ensure that people have a financial & retirement strategy and a plan … Read More

Firing Federal Employees Becomes Easy

Most federal employees seek to know the best date to retire so that they can do the financial planning well. But it seems that they will need to plan ahead as firing federal employees has become easy thanks to a … Read More

Federal Retirement Tsunami Still a Myth?

People feared that the much-talked about federal retirement tsunami will hit this year as many of the federal employees who are eligible for retirement would opt for retiring and enjoying their Federal Annuities at home. It was also believed that … Read More

Are Federal Employees Performing Exceptionally?

As per a recent GAO report, almost all the federal employees are excellent at the work they do. Experts believe that these sorts of reports might not be dependable as the rating system is not up to the mark. The … Read More

Agencies Relying on only a few Hiring Authorities for the Recruitment of Federal Employees

The federal agencies are not taking help of many hiring authorities available to it. They are hiring federal employees by making use of only a few authorities. The agencies are mostly using competitive examining authority. They are not even mapping … Read More

Number of Federal Employees Surpasses Manufacturing Sector Employees

The numbers of federal employees have been steadily increasing since the last few decades. This interesting fact was revealed in the data shared by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. In the good part of the last century, the number of … Read More

Federal Employees Spill the names of best Employee Engagement Agencies in the FEVS Survey

The results of the FEVS survey conducted on federal employees by the OPM are out. It has mentioned which large and small agencies are at the top with regard to employee engagement. It also revealed which small agencies are at … Read More

Many Federal Employees Disapprove of Trump

A new survey has revealed that many federal employees disapprove of Trump and his way of handling the transition process. Many of the feds also believe that his administration might not be too effective at managing the day to day … Read More

Federal Employees May not have to Wait Long for Security Clearance in the Future

A recent report says that federal employees may not have to wait long for security clearance in the future. The OPM is working hard to ensure that a new system is put in place that makes security clearance a … Read More

Federal Employees will get 2.1 Percent Pay Raise

As per the executive orders of President Obama, the federal employees will get 2.1 percent pay raise. The pay raise is highest since 2011. This raise won’t be applicable to the federal retirees. The military personnel would also get … Read More

New Mexico Joins the Efforts to Provide Retirement Benefits to Private Sector Workers

The lawmakers of New Mexico have initiated the process of understanding how they can provide steady retirement benefits to the private sector workers. Experts believe that low-wage workers in the state have no access to a retirement plan.  When they … Read More

The Federal Employees Union Shows Support to Two More Politicians

Just a few days back we told you about how America’s Largest Federal employees’ Union had rendered its support to Maggie Hassan who was in the race for joining the Senate. Now the same union has offered its support to … Read More

Federal Employees’ Feel Frustrated by Poor Performing Applications

Many federal employees’ feel frustrated by poor performing applications, says a new survey. The responsiveness of the agencies in resolving the issues was considered to be slow. It also mentioned that the poor performing apps reduce the confidence in … Read More

Federal Employees Health Benefits Open Season Ends Soon

The federal employees’ health benefits open season is on its last leg now. It will end in a few days. During this time, the federal employees get the opportunity to sign up for, change or withdraw from any benefits plan … Read More

New FLSA Rules not Applicable for Federal Employees

The new FLSA rules will not impact any of the federal employees in any way. These changes will just impact the local governments, the private sector workers, and the nonprofit sector employees. Two new rules have been introduced. First increases … Read More

Federal Employees Issued New Guidance on Accepting Gifts

The Office of Government Ethics has urged the federal employees to seek a higher standard while accepting any gifts from an outside source. It has also outlined when an employee may attend a conference and also highlights that attending a … Read More

How Federal Employees can Save Two Thousand Dollars on Health Insurance

Federal employees often dread the open season and opt for continue with their existing plans. A guide can rescue such employees. This guide tells the readers on how they can save about two thousand dollars on health insurance. It is … Read More

Federal Employees of DC area to get an off on Inauguration Day

OPM has just announced that the federal employees who are working in the DC area would get a leave on Inauguration day. The agency has also released the holiday list for the next 3 years. It believes that federal employees … Read More

Federal Employees to get Better Awards for Good Performance

The Obama administration has offered an early holiday gift to almost all the federal employees. It has increased the amount the agencies can pay to a fed as an award for achieving something extraordinary. It was added that the … Read More

OPM Says More Federal Employees Teleworked in 2015

OPM recently highlighted that the number of federal employees who telework has increased in 2015 when compared on a year on year basis. It was also highlighted that agencies need to assess the telework positions regularly so that participation can … Read More