Federal government

The Federal Government of the United States is the operating backbone of the country which comprises of  President Obama at the top and encompasses all the constituent organizations and people down the line.


1 Billion USD Paid to People without Social Security Numbers

A new audit has highlighted that $1 billion was paid to people without social security numbers. This is amongst the most shocking social security news that has come out in a long time. Lack of proper records is said to … Read More

How are Federal Employees’ Benefits Expected to Change Under the New Administration?

Whenever the administration of the country is changed, one of the key issues that pop up in the minds of the federal employees is that how will the new government reform the federal employees’ benefits. Would FERS retirement or Federal Read More

Federal Employee Benefits and Early Federal Retirement

Considering Early Federal Retirement?  You should know what happens to your benefits when you retire before you are eligible for your full benefit package?

People often wonder about the best date to retire so that they can avail maximum federal … Read More

Federal Government to be sued by Tennessee Regarding Refugee Resettlement

The state of Tennessee is about to sue the federal government. It has got the approval of the House of Representatives and now the State’s attorney general will be directed to sue the federal government. The lawsuit is filed because … Read More

Many Federal Employees Disapprove of Trump

A new survey has revealed that many federal employees disapprove of Trump and his way of handling the transition process. Many of the feds also believe that his administration might not be too effective at managing the day to day … Read More

Retirement Checks Are Hit by Student Loans in America

A new study by GAO has reported that retirement checks are hit by student loans in America. Social security benefits of many Americans were withheld as they defaulted the student loan debts last year. The change has hit the … Read More

How many Americans are using myRA for retirement benefits savings?

When one thinks of the myRA plan offered by President Obama, the first question that comes to mind is that how many Americans are using myRA for retirement benefits savings. The numbers were revealed recently and they are not … Read More

Contractor’s Employees Working For Federal Government to get 7 Sick Leaves Annually?

It seems that the Obama Administration is trying to be there for contractor’s employees working for the federal government in sickness and in health. President Obama had passed a bill to allow contractors and subcontractors’ workers who are on a … Read More

Federal Employees Earn 34 Percent Less than Private Sector Workers

The pay gap between the federal employees’ salary and private sector workers’ salary has reached more than 34 percent. Recommendations are being made to increase the salary of the feds at the same pace the salaries are increasing in … Read More

Federal Employees Spending Billions with Untracked Credit Cards

Federal employees are being allowed to spend billions of dollars on credit cards that are untracked. The main reason behind the lack of reporting and assessments is that the law only makes it mandatory for state agencies to track and … Read More

Special Government employees not Tracked by Federal Agencies

The Office of Governance Ethics has pointed out that the federal agencies are not reporting the Special Government Employees who are not serving on federal boards. It also shared that 3 out of 5 agencies questioned by it on the … Read More

Fighting Veteran Homelessness Becomes Easier Thanks to a Big Grant

It’s been just a few days since we reported how the veteran homelessness has reduced considerably since 2010. Now, we have some more good news for veterans who are dealing with the problem of homelessness. The veterans of San … Read More

Report Questions why Full Time Union Federal Employees are Paid with Tax Dollars

A new report has found out that several federal employees who work full time as the union employees are being paid from the taxpayers’ money. Experts believe that the report highlights how much control the federal governments have over the … Read More

Philadelphia Residents Contributing Least Towards Retirement Benefits

A new research has proven that Philadelphia residents contribute the least amount of money towards their retirement benefits. They are hence less prepared for the retirement and may struggle financially in their senior years. The major reason behind the … Read More

Federal Employees Recognized in Federal Government Awards Program Ceremony

A huge chunk of federal employees were recognized and appreciated as a part of the Federal Government Awards Program ceremony. The ceremony was concluded quite fruitfully and the organizers and recipients of the awards were quite happy with it. The … Read More

Federal Employees May Lose Access to Free Yoga Classes

Federal employees who have been enjoying free yoga and Pilates classes as a fringe benefit of their job may have to lose this benefit soon. A US senator has introduced legislation to stop these classes. He has introduced a bill … Read More

Federal Employees’ Social Media Accounts to be Analyzed

A new policy has allowed the federal government to scan the social media accounts of federal employees who need to go through a security clearance. Only the public postings of the employees would be monitored and the accessed data will … Read More

Federal Government Shells Out $18 Million to Destroy Marijuana

The federal government has spent a lot of money on eradicating illegal marijuana in the last year. The eradication efforts even went on in the states that have legalized marijuana for adults. Several lawmakers are asking the government to use … Read More

Federal Government Forgives Honda

The federal government has forgiven Honda with regard to its failure to report incidents. The government publicized through its website that the company has taken all the respective measures to follow the rules now and has paid a fine also. … Read More

Federal Government Cyber Security Still the Worst: Report

The federal government, state governments and even the local governments, still have the worst cyber security protocols when compared to the major private industries. The report also highlighted which agencies and sectors were the best performers and which … Read More