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Majority of Americans Think Retirement Benefits Savings are Important

A recent study has revealed that majority of Americans think retirement benefits savings are important. The same study highlights that Americans want to have a plan for meeting the financial goals but many of them don’t have any at … Read More

Philadelphia Residents Contributing Least Towards Retirement Benefits

A new research has proven that Philadelphia residents contribute the least amount of money towards their retirement benefits. They are hence less prepared for the retirement and may struggle financially in their senior years. The major reason behind the … Read More

Start Planning your Finances for 2016

The New Year with all its might is finally here. You need to start planning your finances now more than ever. Here are a few tips for you to benefit from:

How to manage your finances in 2016:

A financialRead More

Do You Have a Federal Retirement Individual Action Plan

Retirement Individual Action PlanBuilding your Federal Retirement Individual Action Plan (IAP) starts first with building your Financial Plan – the key element to your retirement future.  In order to achieve our collective goal of retiring with comfort and security, we must underscore the … Read More

Federal Employees – Building Your Financial Plan

Building Your Financial PlanAs a Federal Employee you may seek the advice of a Financial Planner, you need to do some homework towards building your financial plan.  The Financial Plan is a key component of your overall Retirement Planning strategy, so you can … Read More

Determining If A Trust Is Right For You

TrustIt seems to be the general concensus that a Last Will and Testament is an essential part of a good estate plan but Living Trusts are not as widely used nor understood.  Although many may think that probate is a … Read More

How To Choose a Financial Professional to Handle Your Affairs

Financial Professional There is no fool-proof way of finding the right professional to help you handle your financial affairs.  Retirement planning which includes estate planning can get very complicated.  Most of us do our own retirement planning, but if you prefer to Read More

The Federal Employee Financial Plan

Federal Employee Financial Plan

federal employeeAre you a Federal Employee?  Do you realize how important a financial plan really is at every stage of your life?  

Having a financial plan is probably the most important part of managing your financial life.  Read More

Estate Plan: Living Trusts

Living Trusts in an Estate Plan

Estate planUntil about 20-30 years ago Living Trusts were thought of as planning tool strictly for the wealthy.  Today that is no longer true as the Living Trust is becoming more popular with the because Read More

Wills: Other Tips

More Information on Wills

Wills• If you have a surviving spouse, he or she has a right under most circumstances to inherit a part of your property, even if you don’t name them in the Will.

• If you own … Read More

Will: (Last Will and Testament)

The Will

WillThe Will is the nucleus of the estate plan.  From the Will, everything else emanates.  Your Last Will and Testament spells out all of your wishes.  It details how you want your assets and resources distributed and how Read More

Planning Your Retirement

Getting Help Planning Your Retirement

PlanningGetting involved early in planning will allow federal and postal workers the opportunity to create additional financial resources to increase their retirement comfort.  We always hear the phrase, “Know Your Number” – the amount of Read More