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Firing Federal Employees Becomes Easy

Most federal employees seek to know the best date to retire so that they can do the financial planning well. But it seems that they will need to plan ahead as firing federal employees has become easy thanks to a … Read More

Men and Women have a different approach to Retirement Benefits: Survey

The perception of men and women towards retirement and retirement benefits is totally different from one another. It was revealed in a report released on the basis of the Voices of Experience Survey. The survey also revealed that women plan … Read More

Half of American Population Opts for Retirement by 63: Survey

Retirement is not an easy choice for people. Some people prefer to work as long as they can to keep their finances in a good position while others prefer to retire early even when it means losing out on some … Read More

Poor Financial Planning Will Force Millennials in Phoenix to Work Post Retirement Age

A survey conducted by a financial firm has stated that poor financial planning will force Millennials in Phoenix to work post retirement age. Experts believe that Millennials should get over the self-taught financial planning and should seek advice from … Read More

Survey says Student Loans are a Financial Planning Threat as they Impact Retirement Savings

A new survey has highlighted that rising amounts of student loans and the time taken to get rid of them is taking a toll on the retirement savings of Americans. People with a student loan to pay often need to … Read More

Over Half of Washingtonians Anxious About Retirement Benefits

A new survey has highlighted the fact that more than half of the people living in Washington are anxious about their retirement benefits and financial security. To help the situation, a campaign has been organized which will help people to … Read More

Free Retirement Benefits Planning Advice to be offered across the US

Many people often feel that they need the assistance of a financial planner to ensure that they do their retirement benefits planning right or manage their finances in a correct manner. Unfortunately, not all people can afford it. To help … Read More

Nevada People Pessimistic About Retirement Savings

The people of Nevada are quite pessimistic about the retirement savings according to a new study. Some sections of society were more stressed about retirement than the others. The survey also highlighted that very few Nevada people felt that there … Read More

U.S. Workers Feeling Better About Retirement

A new survey has revealed that many of the U.S. workers are feeling great about retirement and the U.S. economy in general. The survey also revealed the fact that U.S. workers are now relying on robo advisors to guide them … Read More

Philadelphia Residents Contributing Least Towards Retirement Benefits

A new research has proven that Philadelphia residents contribute the least amount of money towards their retirement benefits. They are hence less prepared for the retirement and may struggle financially in their senior years. The major reason behind the … Read More

Finding Financial Advisors for Federal Employees by Nelson Secretario

Advice for Federal Employees about Financial Advisors by Nelson Secretario

Nelson Secretario

Nelson Secretario – CLU, ChFC, LUTCF, ChFEBC, NSSA

Federal employees have a special set of benefits that are available to them in terms of retirement income. While this can provide … Read More

Obama Wants Better Retirement Benefits Plans for Americans

President Obama and the Democrats are working hard to ensure that the common American citizens are not cheated by the financial brokers when they are seeking a good retirement benefits plan. The Republicans argue that the financial brokers already deal … Read More

New Retirement Saving Tool that can Improve Your Retirement Benefits

Almost all individuals who are planning to have a comfortable retirement often seek the help of tools that can direct them. Principal, a financial planning company has made things easier for such people by recently launching Move to the Green … Read More

How the retirement gap can be closed by help from small businesses

The retirement gap has been inhabiting our country for quite some time now. There are some solutions in this regard and the multiple employer plans might help us in this regard.

post-RetirementClosing the retirement gap possible?

In this regard, there … Read More

Over 40 Million Americans Regret not saving earlier for Retirement Benefits

retirement benefitsA recent survey done by has revealed that most of the Americans live with financial regrets. They primarily regret not saving enough money for retirement benefits. The other thing they regret is not saving for emergencies. The survey … Read More

Investment Fees Cutting Down on Retirement benefits of the Millennials

The Millennial Generation is often encouraged to invest more towards retirement benefits in order to get higher benefits when they retire. But things don’t seem to be as simple as that. A recent analysis has revealed that a lot of … Read More

Many U.S. Citizens Don’t Understand Retirement Benefits Plans

A recent survey has revealed that a large portion of U.S. citizens don’t understand their retirement benefits. The employees were asked about many other financial planning topics. The survey also pointed out that the respondents were eager to get … Read More

What the new fiduciary rule has in store for you

The Department of Labor presented a new rule this past week that will require financial advisors who are handling retirement accounts to begin acting as fiduciaries. This fiduciary rule will imply that the needs and interests of the clients, be … Read More

Survey Shows Lack of Retirement Savings Among Federal Employees

Federal Reserve Board Survey Shows Lack of Retirement Savings among Federal Employees

financialThe new Federal Reserve Board (FRB) survey and report on the economic well-being of U.S. households in 2014 has some startling data about the lack of retirement savingsRead More

Receive a Passing Grade For Retirement

Federal and Postal Employee Retirement Planning Report Card

Passing Grade For RetirementEach of us should have a Retirement Planning Report Card with the expectation of doing well pretty much like when we were kids in school.  If you got good grades, your parents … Read More