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America’s Largest Federal Employees’ Union Renders Support to Maggie Hassan

The largest union of federal employees in America has decided to support Maggie Hassan in her race for joining the U.S. Senate. It is believed that she is getting the support because she would represent the interest of federal workers … Read More

US Government indebted more than you think

We might think we know the extent to which our country is indebted but we might be wrong. Some critics of the spending that the government ends up doing believe that the government owes more than the total … Read More

Clinton vs Sanders. What both are promising

Politicians have a habit of making promises that they show the urge of fulfilling once they win the elections. More often than not, they can’t come good on the promises; well at-least not all of them. Let’s analyse some of … Read More

Longer Probation Periods for New-Hire Federal Employees


The Government Manager’s Coalition (GMC) and the National Active and Retired Federal Employees Association (NARFE) have jointly sent a letter to congress to lengthen probationary periods for new-hires in the federal service to better reflect the realities of the

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Federal government advised to establish a Zika Protection Plan

zika-self-protection-guidelinesCheck Schumer who is a New York based US senator is of the view point that the Americans need to be very concerned about the Zika virus and has urged the federal government to take the mater very seriously and … Read More

OPM has urged agencies to restrain from borrowing

office of personnel management opm employee expressThe Obama Government is all set to commence within a year and the Office of Personnel management aka OPM has urged all the agencies of the current policies to stop political appointees from borrowing their way in to positions. This … Read More

Flint To Be Ordered To Get Lead Pipes Replaced

flint water scandalThe water contamination scandal that took place in Flint has been among the news for quite some time now. It has also led to a lot of legal actions being taken but this new lawsuit that you are about to … Read More

Earn the maximum amount of money from TSP matching contributions

Thrift Savings Plan TSPAre you one of those FERS employees that are compensated more than most? And do you also contribute the maximum amount of money to your TSP account every year? There is some good news for you. You can stop losing … Read More

Fed might increase interest rates again courtesy job growth

jobs-growthThere has been a stark increase in the job growth rate in the country and this might end up paving the way for the Federal Reserve to increase the interest rates again. This is a great sign for the economy … Read More

For Once the Federal Pays and Benefits Spared By the Budget Deal

Budget Agreement

budgetThe budget agreement that is set to last for the next 2 years was presented a few days back and there is some serious good news for the federal employees in that for once, the fed employees’ benefits … Read More

Do You Know About Federal Government’s Pension Heist?

When banks reach the stage where they can sense a collateral collapse, Congress usually gets them out of their predicament. On the other hand, if the union pension funds approach death, Congress alters the law to let them … Read More

Pay Raises to All Federal Employees Not Just Executives

federal employees underpaid pay raisePay raises need to be given to all federal employees and not just the ones that are already taking most of the money out of the GDP. No human life is collateral and this is what the government needs to Read More

Energy Consumption of federal Government Decreases

energy consumptionFederal Energy Management Program or FEMP is the main program that governs and analyses the energy consumption and usage by major players in the country these days. Recently they have reported that the energy consumption by the federal government of … Read More


Politics Take Over

politicsThis is the time of the year when we are usually rushing around to see how to make Christmas happy for the ones we love. There are also deadlines to meet like signing up for Medicare and … Read More

Construction Spending Beats 8 Year Records

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Las Vegas Judge’s Pension To Be Taken For Victims

public pensionThe Clark county judge Steven Jones was incarcerated in the past few weeks and even though it appeared that the case got closed and the matter was cooled down, it now appears that the federal prosecutors are trying to make Read More

Looming Shutdown May be Thwarted by Short-term Spending Bill

federal benefits shutdownA budget deal looms on the horizon as Congress tries to come up with a compromise before a government shutdown. The House Appropriations Committee suggested a short-term resolution in order to give them more time to come up with a … Read More

More Transparency Desired but the Government Gives a White Flag

Government Wants Transparency

“It’s all going to be up in the cloud in some time” is a quote that has been used a lot of times in the recent past and there has been some serious news regarding it recently … Read More

The Last of the Government Research Chimpanzees are Retiring

research chimpanzees

The Government is retiring the last of the research Chimpanzees

There have been some chimpanzees used by the government for scientific research purposes but now the National institutes of health has decided to send the final few research animals into … Read More

Can Women Crack the Federal Glass Ceiling

FederalThe Office of Personnel Management (OPM) has released information revealing that about a third of managers in the Federal Service are women. That figure compares to only 15% of women in private industry. Although the Feds might outpace … Read More