Special Category Employees and Retirement Benefit Differences

Federal Retirement benefits are not always the same for every employee. If you are considered a Special Category employee, there are some distinguishable rules that you should be aware of. The categories that fall in this domain include the … Read More

Police Retirement Accounts Underfunded in Davenport County, Iowa

The police retirement accounts remained underfunded in the Davenport County, Iowa for a few months due to an error. The problem has been rectified after the union members asked it to be fixed. Compensation has also been made to all … Read More

The Mayfield Police Department is Hiring Retired Police Officers

The Mayfield Police Department has recently announced that it planned to start hiring retired police officers who have more than 20 years of on the job experience. The mayor seemed to be delighted by the idea. Even the local people … Read More

About 30,000 Federal Employees to get better Retirement Benefits

The federal employees who fall under the designation of police series GS-0083 may soon have the ability to retire early and get better retirement benefits. A new bill has been proposed by the Democrats on the same.  This move has … Read More

Federal Government Shells Out $18 Million to Destroy Marijuana

The federal government has spent a lot of money on eradicating illegal marijuana in the last year. The eradication efforts even went on in the states that have legalized marijuana for adults. Several lawmakers are asking the government to use … Read More

Can I Qualify For Special LEO Pay and Not LEO Retirement?

LEO RetirementIs it possible to qualify for LEO pay and NOT LEO Retirement?  The answer to the question unfortunately is YES.  Because of a number of factors all Law Enforcement Officers (LEOs) are not equal.  Persons doing the same kind … Read More

Will Spending Be The Same In Retirement?

Federal Retirement Spending Habits

Federal Retirement Spending Habits

For Federal Employees, spending will change in retirement.  Some federal retirees will spend more and some will spend less based on their individual financial situation.  It is useful to note that expenses today may not … Read More

Retiring In Less Than One Year

Retiring In One Year

Retiring In Less Than One Year

Consider the following if your retirement plans are less than one year away.

  • Is there any way that I could be indebted to my employer?
  1. If you have outstanding travel advances.
  2. Overpayment of salary that has
Read More

LEO Equity For All – Men and Women in Uniform

LEO Equity

leoOften when we think of men and women in uniform, our minds drift to our brave men and women who serve in the military.  The highest honor should go to them.  However, we have another cadre of Read More

Million Dollar LEO (Law Enforcement Officer) Question

Million Dollar LEO Question

leoWe have dedicated our entire segment to a discussion of law enforcement officers (LEO) and LEO retirement.  Many questions surrounding the retirement system for LEOs come from LEOs as well as non-LEOs.  The topic is … Read More

Law Enforcement Officers (LEO) – Who Qualifies May Surprise You

 LEO Qualifiers

leoIn our posts highlighting Law Enforcement, we have talked a lot about QUALIFIED Law Enforcement Officers (LEO).  What does that mean?  Individuals are deemed qualified law enforcement officers (LEOs) as a result of, but not limited to, Read More

Law Enforcement Officer: Explanation of FERS Components for LEOs

Law Enforcement Officer FERS Explanation

law enforcement officerWe have focused on the Law Enforcement Officer, but let’s take a brief moment to explain the 3 legs of the Federal Employees Retirement System (FERS).  This post was prompted by an … Read More

LEO (Law Enforcement Officer) FERS Supplement

Law Enforcement Officer FERS Supplement

law enforcement officerLaw Enforcement Officers (LEOs) who retire before reaching age 62, the age of first eligibility for Social Security benefits, are qualified for what is commonly called a FERS supplement.  It is better explained as … Read More

LEO (Law Enforcement Officer) Mandatory Retirement Age

Law Enforcement Officer Mandatory Retirement Age

law enforcement officerLaw Enforcement Officers (LEOs) have a mandatory retirement age and must retire from their covered positions at age 57.  If the LEO does not have 20 years of service he/she may continue to work … Read More

LEO Retirement: What is it?

What is LEO Retirement?

leo retirementWhen it comes to has ‘earned’ their LEO retirement Federal Law Enforcement Officers (LEOs) are at the top of the list.  I believe it is more than fair to say that law enforcement is hazardous duty.  … Read More

Federal Law Enforcement (LEO) – Cost of Living Adjustments

LEO: Cost of Living Adjustments (COLAs)

leoThe federal LEO workforce is well acquainted with COLAs during their work careers.  As we present information in a comprehensive-friendly environment, it is our goal in providing that information to assist in paving the … Read More

LEO – Annuity Component Computations

LEO: Annuity Component Computations

leoWe are continuing our discussion on the annuity computation focused specifically on LEO (Law Enforcement Officers).  We never want to present too much information at once as it is our objective to provide as much … Read More

LEO: Law Enforcement Officer FERS Basic Annuity

LEO and FERS Basic Annuity

leoLaw Enforcement Officers (LEOs) fall under special retirement provisions which make them eligible for an Annuity during their retirement.  Although there are other categories of employees who also fall under these Annuity provisions (i.e. Firefighters, … Read More

LEO Retirement System: Why Not Integrated?

Why Not an Integrated LEO Retirement System?

leoWhy wouldn’t an integrated LEO retirement system exist?  The changing dynamics in our nation and around the globe call for not only duty mission changes, but changes in the way human resources standards … Read More

LEO: Covered and Non-Covered Law Enforcement Officers

Covered and Non-Covered LEO

leoWe are featuring topics this segment of the posts on Law Enforcement Occupations and specifically what employees are covered by the special retirement benefits afforded to Law Enforcement Officers (LEO).  We attempt to be as Read More