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The Postal Service is Unlikely to Give Pension Payments

usps postal serviceA new report that has emerged regarding the dismal financial situation of the Postal of the country indicates that the department is “unlikely” to make the complete/required pension and health payments to its retirees in the near future. Apart from … Read More

Postal Workers Protest – “The U.S. Mail is Not for Sale”

USPS – Staples and LiteBlue


The largest labor battle in recent history between postal workers and the United States Postmaster General is heading to Washington D.C. for a National Labor Relations Board judge’s hearing August 17.

The feud began back … Read More

Postal LiteBlue and Open Season

Postal LiteBluePostal Service employees should visit LiteBlue to download their FEHB (health benefits) guides for this year’s open season.  Open season is the annual period when employees can make changes to their health coverage or choose a new plan – this Read More

For Federal Employees – Tips To Creating A Retirement Budget

Federal Employees and Retirement Budgets

A Retirement BudgetYou don’t have to follow any particular format for creating a budget except to measure income against expenses.  The tips below might help you get started.

  • Determine a time horizon for tracking your income and
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Once Your Federal & Postal Retirement Plan Is In Place

Federal and Postal Retirement Planning

Federal and Postal Retirement PlanningAfter you put your federal retirement plan in place, the biggest challenge is implemnting it.  It takes discipline to stick to your retirement plan.  It is not a bad idea to find a person you Read More

Royal Post Office vs U.S. Postal Service

Royal Post Office vs U.S. Postal ServicePost Offices in the United States are cutting staff through offering voluntary early retirement and other means of attrition.  The Post Office is also considering closing many facilities and cutting back on the hours and days facilities are open.  For Read More

LiteBlue Honors Its Own

honors postal employeesI want to share something else humane the Post Office did recently.  As a matter of fact, it is done annually.  The Richmond, Virginia District Office, not far from where I live, honors postal employees who served in the military.  … Read More

LiteBlue Heroes

letter writing campaign

letter writing campaign

I read something recently that made me rethink how important Letter Carriers are.  We always think about them delivering the mail just like a habit that will never stop.  We absolutely never think about the possibility that Read More

LITEBLUE’S July 17th

Post OfficeJuly 17th is an important day for the Postal Service.  July 17th is the last day to submit ideas about what the next generation of Post Office vehicles will look like and how they will need to function.  Let’s … Read More

LITEBLUE, Shared Services and You

OPMWho can you trust to get your retirement documentation right?  Recently that question was posed to Postal Workers about their retirement.  The Postal Service uses HR Shared Services as their pre-retirement, all things human resources information and advice arm.  Upon … Read More

Congress, You’ve Got Mail – From The Post Office

Got Maill The Post OfficeI have been doing some research trying to make sense of why the Congress requires the United States Postal Service to pre-fund health benefits for future retirees.  The strategy causes the Post Office to struggle to make a profit.  … Read More

LiteBlue Trims Again

LiteBlue Trims AgainThe United States Postal Service is being hammered by the Congress and its stakeholders to do something highly innovative with its Financial Management System.  Is it the financial management system that needs fixing or is the Post Office being killed … Read More

The Inevitable

Tools For PlanningSome of our posts have focused on postal employees in general.  We have not dedicated any of our posts specifically to those men and women who actually carry the mail through towns, cities, states and rural areas across the United … Read More

LiteBlue and Other Tools For Planning

Tools For Planning

The question of having enough money to live in retirement always looms over our heads. Is over-planning equivalent to under-planning?  I am not sure if the degree of planning is what is at issue.  Rather, it is the act of … Read More

Postal Employee – STAPLES® Survey



The USPS has opened over 50 ‘Test’ USPS locations inside of STAPLES® locations throughout the Country.  Your opinion about this event matters – Our results will be published and we will be forwarding our … Read More

Changing Your LiteBlue / PostalEase Password

Changing Your PostalEase Password

PostalEaseBy now, you will almost certainly have received your new LiteBlue / PostalEase password and have thought about visiting to make the change (ssp

The letter you have received contains a temporary password Read More

LiteBlue program: Log On

Log On to the LiteBlue Program

LiteBlue ProgramWhat I find fascinating about the LiteBlue program is that it is not only an easy and fast way of communicating and staying connected for Postal employees but for family member as well.  Sometimes … Read More

USPS LiteBlue: Access to More Than Just Your Earnings Statement

is another feature available to you through USPS LiteBlue ‘MY HR.’

“Employee apps” such as “My HR” have been available for several years now through LiteBlue — your HR website on USPS LiteBlue. Among your self-service … Read More

LiteBlue: How To Use USPS LiteBlue


LiteBlue - I Am A Craft Employee

On, enter “I Am A Craft Employee”

How to use LiteBlue

To use LiteBlue and view your information, visit the website (  You will find the site by clicking HERE.  The site is maintained by the USPS Read More