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Phased Retirement not Popular among Federal Employees

Recent data revealed by the OPM has highlighted that the phased retirement option offered to federal employees is not too successful. The number of workers who have opted for it is too low even despite the fact that the number … Read More

Defense Department Allows Phased Retirement

The Defense Department has recently given a green light to phased retirement plan. In this plan, a person does not retire directly, the person works part time and gets paid accordingly until he fully retires. The phased retirement plan has … Read More

Can federal employees get phased retirement

We all know that the Moving Ahead for Progress program authorized the phased retirement program but are the federal employees of the US eligible to apply for it and eventually enjoy its benefits? In 2014, the office of personnel management Read More



I have kept an open ear about the life and death of Phased Retirement.  I don’t think all of its provisions are fully understood, at least not yet.  There are still some … Read More

HUD Leads Phased Retirement Plan Implementation

HUD Leads Phased Federal Retirement Plan Implementation

DepartmentThe U.S. Housing and Urban Development Department (HUD) is leading the way in implementing the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) plan to offer eligible federal employees a phased retirement plan.

It’s … Read More

Federal Employees Still Waiting on Phased Retirement Option

The head of the National Active and Retired Federal Employees Association (NARFE) Retirement Option

 RetirementThe OPM is taking heat for the failure of many federal agencies to offer phased retirement for eligible federal employees. The lack of clarity on … Read More

What Are Your TSP Options With Phased Retirement? by June Kirby

What Are Your TSP Options With the New Phased Retirement Program?

by June Kirby

New Phased Retirement ProgramIn allowing Federal Employees Retirement System (FERS) employees to participate in the phased retirement program, there are certain requirements that must be met, as well as … Read More

Federal Phased Retirement Program Now Available, by Kevin O’Leary

Federal Phased Retirement Program now available

By: Kevin O’Leary

Retirement In many industries, phased retirement programs are now being used that can allow employees who are approaching retirement age to continue working, but with a reduced workload, while they transition into … Read More

Is There an Advantage to Phased Retirement for Retirees

Phased Retirement for RetireesWell, first and foremost you cannot be a retiree and participate in Phased Retirement.  There are a number of rules in order to participate in Phased Retirement. First, the agency must grant the request for a worker to take … Read More

Orientation Retirement Training

Orientation Retirement TrainingFor years as a human resources professional, I have advocated for Orientation Retirement Training.  The Federal Government for a number of years has taken the position of preparing workers for retirement 5 years out from their estimated retirement date. … Read More

Phased Retirement Questions – Who is Responsible?

Who Is Responsible for Making it Work?

During the public comments period for phased retirement there were a number of questions and comments that surfaced either from agencies, unions or individuals.  It might add to our information to … Read More

FERS and CSRS – Phased Retirement

CSRS and FERS Phased Retirement Eligibility

Someone asked whether both CSRS and FERS employees could participate in the phased retirement program.   Yes they can, all things being equal.  OPM was required to publish regulations and guidelines implementing phased … Read More

Explanation of Phased Retirement


Explanation of Phased RetirementPhased Retirement is a human resources tool that allows employees to continue working on a part-time basis while receiving a part-time retirement annuity.  Participants receive additional service credit towards their full retirement.  Participants also begin receiving their … Read More

The Phased Retirement Annuity

Retirement's DebutOne of the incentives offered to gain employee participation in the Phased Retirement program is the more generous annuity at full retirement.  Federal annuities are calculated based on years of creditable service and the high-three average salary.  Therefore, the longer … Read More

Phased Retirement – Bring On The Confetti

Phased RetirementOPM Director Katherine Archuleta has given agencies permission to send their applications in for Phased Retirement as early as November 6, 2014.   Employees who are eligible to participate in Phased Retirement must receive permission from their agencies.  The employees who … Read More

Phased Retirement’s Debut

RetirementThe Office of Personnel Management (OPM) issued the final regulations on Phased Retirement on August 7, 2014.  Phased Retirement will allow full-time employees the opportunity to work part-time while drawing retirement benefits.   Phased-retirement debuted as a mentoring tool Read More

Phased Retirement Implementation

Phased Retirement ImplementationThe Office of Personnel Management (OPM) is pushing hard to implement the new Phased Retirement program.  Information has not yet been released concerning the number of employees who have expressed an interest in participating in the Phased Retirement … Read More

Phased Retirement

Phased RetirementOn one hand OPM Director Archuleta talks about pumping new blood into the Federal Government and then there is the potential roll-out of phased retirementPhased retirement will keep older workers in the workforce to train younger workers to … Read More

The Aging Federal Workforce

The Aging Federal WorkforceThe Federal Workforce is losing a tremendous number of employees to retirement.  The Federal workforce is aging and leaving in record numbers.  The Federal Government has not had great success in recruiting younger people to the workforce.  The Federal … Read More

Older People and Work

Do older people work to survive or because they want to stay in the game?

I believe the answer is YES to both.  In our society we segment people often without giving it much thought.  There are older people in … Read More