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Could Taking Early FERS Retirement Cost Benefits? – by June Kirby

Could Taking Early FERS Retirement Cost You Your SRS Benefit?

by June Kirby

Although taking retirement early may sound appealing to many people, doing so could end up being detrimental to your retirement income situation – especially in … Read More

You Are a Federal Employee Millionaire — Let’s See Why! by Gary Fouts

You Are a Federal Employee Millionaire — Let’s See Why!  By Gary Fouts

FEHBYour federal retirement benefits represent potentially one of the most valuable assets you possess.   Making the wrong decisions with the benefit options that you are eligible for … Read More

Is Retirement On Your Christmas List?

Many Federal Employees See the End fo the Year as a Good Time To Retire


Are you planning to retire at the end of the year, starting 2015 as a retiree instead of an active Federal employee?  You might hear … Read More

Utility Companies Are Spreading Cheer

Federal Employees Should Protect Themselves This Holiday Season

Federal EmployeesUtility companies are warning seniors and others about the increase in scammers this time of the year.  Some of our previous posts have addressed this lurking evil, but to have the utility … Read More


GovernmentThere are many changes taking place in the nation’s capital.  One very significant change is the exit of Defense Secretary, Chuck Hagel.  Hagel announced his resignation from DOD, many said the resignation was forced.  The President is expected to nominate … Read More

Postal LiteBlue and Open Season

Postal LiteBluePostal Service employees should visit LiteBlue to download their FEHB (health benefits) guides for this year’s open season.  Open season is the annual period when employees can make changes to their health coverage or choose a new plan – this Read More

Critical Ages For Federal Retirement

Critical Ages for Federal Employee Retirement

Critical Ages

There are Critical Ages that Federal Employees should be aware of.  These ages represent opportunities for Federal Employees who might want to maximize their retirement benefits.


Federal Employee ~~ Age 50

• Begin … Read More

Will Spending Be The Same In Retirement?

Federal Retirement Spending Habits

Federal Retirement Spending Habits

For Federal Employees, spending will change in retirement.  Some federal retirees will spend more and some will spend less based on their individual financial situation.  It is useful to note that expenses today may not … Read More

Retiring In Less Than One Year

Retiring In One Year

Retiring In Less Than One Year

Consider the following if your retirement plans are less than one year away.

  • Is there any way that I could be indebted to my employer?
  1. If you have outstanding travel advances.
  2. Overpayment of salary that has
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Records To Check Before Retirement

Records To Check Before Retirement

It is best to make certain all of your records are in place when anticipating retirement.  Tips to get in shape for retirement.

-Review your designation of beneficiary for the lump … Read More

For Federal Employees – Tips To Creating A Retirement Budget

Federal Employees and Retirement Budgets

A Retirement BudgetYou don’t have to follow any particular format for creating a budget except to measure income against expenses.  The tips below might help you get started.

  • Determine a time horizon for tracking your income and
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Budgeting And Federal Employee Financial Plans

Retirement BudgetFor Federal and Postal Employees, building a budget carries equal weight to building a financial plan.  

Envision constructing a house – The financial plan is the front door to your dwelling and the budget is the back door, Read More

Statements to Answer and Get You Thinking

Sometime we need a little nudge, some motivation to get our engines pointed towards painting a picture of our retirement future.  The following statements can assist in setting the parameters for both our financial planplan and individual action plan.

  1. I have
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Federal Employees – Building Your Financial Plan

Building Your Financial PlanAs a Federal Employee you may seek the advice of a Financial Planner, you need to do some homework towards building your financial plan.  The Financial Plan is a key component of your overall Retirement Planning strategy, so you can … Read More

Buy-Outs Are On The Rise

Mandatory Reduction of Workforce

Reduction of WorkforceThere has been a lot of conversation around the Federal and Private sectors about strategies to reduce payroll by cutting down the number of employees on the rolls.  The Federal sector has a mandate to reduce … Read More

Determining If A Trust Is Right For You

TrustIt seems to be the general concensus that a Last Will and Testament is an essential part of a good estate plan but Living Trusts are not as widely used nor understood.  Although many may think that probate is a … Read More

The Military Wants to Buy You Out

The Military Wants to Buy You Out

Department of DefenseThe Department of Defense (DOD) has issued a mandate ordering each branch of the military to reduce costs and staffing levels across the board by twenty percent by 2019.  The Air … Read More

Impacts of Voluntary Early Retirement (VERA)

Impacts of Voluntary Early Retirement (VERA)

Voluntary Early RetirementRetirement isn’t always voluntary.  Microsoft announced recently that it was laying off 18,000 workers.  When the Information Technology Industry (IT)  begins to lay-off workers, then the country has to get pretty scared.  IT is … Read More

Federal Retirees Are Leaving the U.S. for Central America

Federal RetireesThe American economy is not improving for many citizens, including federal retirees.  Because affordability is a key phenomenon for many retirees, they choose different paths to living out their retirement years.  Many retirees are looking towards Central America for … Read More