Retirement planning

Retirement planning is the process of being foresighted and thinking about how to make your post-retirement life secure and financially sound.


Many American Physicians not Prepared for Retirement and have less Retirement Benefits Savings

A new study has found that a large chunk of the physicians in America are unable to meet their retirement goals and they are behind schedule with regard to retirement benefits savings. Those who are better prepared for retirement and … Read More

Americans Don’t Plan On Retiring Until They Are 70: Survey

A recent survey has shown that many Americans don’t plan on retiring until they are 70 years of age. The survey also found out that people who expected to work until 70 would likely be more stressed and unhealthy as … Read More

Diminished Capacity Makes Retirement Benefits Planning Harder: Study

A recent survey has highlighted that the biggest concern of the retirees after 10 years into retirement was dementia or diminished capacity. People are concerned about the financial implications of their health and it is being stressed upon that the … Read More

Planning for Retirement in Five Years by Ron Raffino

Tips from Ron Raffino for Those Planning on Retiring in Five Years

retirement benefitsYou must have heard that it’s never too late to start planning, but have you heard it’s never too early to start planning? In fact, the earlier you … Read More

Top Three Concerns of Americans Nearing Retirement

A report has mentioned the top three concerns of Americans nearing retirement. It has also mentioned that many of the late-career respondents prefer free advice from a financial planner as compared to paying for the advice.


What are the

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Retirement is the top financial planning goal of Americans: Survey

A new survey has revealed that retirement is the top financial planning goal of Americans. Many Americans also think that investing today is more complicated. Many pre-retirees say that they are not doing enough for retirement and some of … Read More

Millennial Small Business Owners Better and Retirement Planning than Baby Boomers: Study

A new study has revealed that Millennials are better at retirement planning as compared to baby boomers and Generation X. They are supposedly the most concerned generation in the recent history that is prepared for everything like retirement, cyber attacks, … Read More

Free Retirement Benefits Planning Advice to be offered across the US

Many people often feel that they need the assistance of a financial planner to ensure that they do their retirement benefits planning right or manage their finances in a correct manner. Unfortunately, not all people can afford it. To help … Read More

People consider their homes to be a Key Part of their Retirement Plans

A new survey has unveiled the fact that most people consider their homes to be a vital part of their retirement plans. Some people have homes worth more than their retirement savings and some are worried about paying off … Read More

U.S. Workers Feeling Better About Retirement

A new survey has revealed that many of the U.S. workers are feeling great about retirement and the U.S. economy in general. The survey also revealed the fact that U.S. workers are now relying on robo advisors to guide them … Read More

Baby Boomers Face Numerous Retirement Challenges

Baby boomers that are yet to retire are facing a lot of challenges. Most of these retirement challenges are due to financial constraints. They are also dealing with the problem of debts. All these facts were discovered in a recent … Read More

Philadelphia Residents Contributing Least Towards Retirement Benefits

A new research has proven that Philadelphia residents contribute the least amount of money towards their retirement benefits. They are hence less prepared for the retirement and may struggle financially in their senior years. The major reason behind the … Read More

What is the Ideal Retirement Age for Americans? Poll Tries to Find the Answer

A poll has tried to find the answer to the popular question, what is the best retirement age for Americans. It found out that the age at which people retire has increased over the years. The poll revealed that most … Read More

Over 40 Million Americans Regret not saving earlier for Retirement Benefits

retirement benefitsA recent survey done by has revealed that most of the Americans live with financial regrets. They primarily regret not saving enough money for retirement benefits. The other thing they regret is not saving for emergencies. The survey … Read More

The Worst Places to Retire in the USA

A recent study has found a few places that are the worst places to retire in the USA. The study also pointed out that the people who are retired or wish to opt for retirement must remember to look for … Read More

Social Security Teams Up With CFPB For Retirement Planning

Social Security Teams Up With CFPB For Retirement Planning


Social Security

Social Security (photo – DonkeyHotey/flickr)

Social Security takes a cut out of every pay check to pay for providing disability and retirement benefits to the previous generation, but a whole … Read More

Getting In Shape For Retirement

Getting In Shape For RetirementHow you spend your retirement years may have as much to do with your physical plan as your financial

plan.  Here are a few ideas that could help you enjoy your golden years just a bit more.

1. Get A … Read More

Sources of Federal Retirement Income

Where Will Your Federal Retirement Income Come From

Federal Retirement IncomeThe majority of federal retirees will get income from a number of sources.  However, the only sources they can really depend on are ‘certified sources’ of income.  What are certified sources of … Read More