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Divorce Impacts Women Harder In Retirement

A new study has revealed that divorce impacts women harder than their former spouses.  The study also shares that the later in life women get divorced, the longer they postponed their retirement and showed that many women are forced to … Read More

Are Women Better at Post-Divorce Financial Planning Than Men?

When a couple is in love and living a blissful life, they don’t often pay attention to post-divorce financial planning or estate planning together. Many couples think that talking about finances and the stake of each of them in the … Read More

Increased Retirement Benefits Savings Lead to Lower Medicaid Spending

A new study has revealed the fact that increased retirement benefits savings lead to lower Medicaid spending. If a state is offering assistance to employees in boosting their retirement savings, it is indirectly contributing towards reducing the Medicaid spending. The … Read More

Americans are Finally Saving More towards Retirement Benefits

A study has recently revealed that the retirement benefits savings of the Americans are actually getting better at the present. The study results also show that people are saving more than they did 5 years ago. Experts say that more … Read More

Baby Boomers and Millennials Equally Use Technology for Retirement Benefits Savings

The use of apps and tools to manage retirement benefits savings is almost equal among Millennials and baby boomers. This was revealed in a recent survey. It also highlighted that the Millennials were far ahead of baby boomers when it … Read More

About 31% Americans have no Retirement Benefits Savings Again

A recent report has found out several interesting facts related to the financial situations of the Americans. The report says that a substantial number of Americans have no retirement benefits. Te report also reveals that educated Americans who have … Read More

Majority of American Workers have less than $100,000 Retirement Benefits Savings

A new survey has revealed that majority of American workers have less than $100,000 retirement benefits savings. It includes baby boomers and Millennials as well. Another thing revealed by the report is that many of the American workers have … Read More

Financial Planning Advice to Boost Retirement Benefits in 2017

A retirement planning organization has recently shared some useful financial planning advice to boost retirement benefits in 2017. This advice would help people to make a New Year resolution to increase their retirement savings this financial year. The advice … Read More

100 CEO’s Have More Retirement Benefits than 41 Percent of America

A new study has revealed 100 CEO’s have more retirement benefits than 41 percent of America. This harsh truth reiterates the fact the rich are becoming richer while the poor are becoming poor over time. Some Americans have got … Read More

Single People Are Not Prepared for Retirement

It has been proven again and again that Americans are not prepared for retirement. But a new report has highlighted that single people are not prepared for retirement as they barely have any savings. Some of them have no savings … Read More

Americans’ Retirement Savings May Not Improve in 2017

A new survey has found out that Americans’ retirement savings may not improve in 2017 as most of the savers don’t intend to increase the contribution amount next year. Many people failed to save enough for retirement in 2016 due … Read More

Retirement is the top financial planning goal of Americans: Survey

A new survey has revealed that retirement is the top financial planning goal of Americans. Many Americans also think that investing today is more complicated. Many pre-retirees say that they are not doing enough for retirement and some of … Read More

Career Breaks Responsible for Less Retirement Benefits Savings of Women

A new research has suggested that women who take career breaks have less money saved up towards retirement benefits savings. Experts think that women should take the career breaks earlier in the career to avoid having very less retirement … Read More

Survey says Student Loans are a Financial Planning Threat as they Impact Retirement Savings

A new survey has highlighted that rising amounts of student loans and the time taken to get rid of them is taking a toll on the retirement savings of Americans. People with a student loan to pay often need to … Read More

Americans Don’t Have the Details of Their Own Retirement Benefits

In a survey, more than 50 percent of the Americans have confessed that they are sleeping soundly because they think that they have enough retirement benefits savings. But they are not amply prepared because some of them don’t know how … Read More

Over Half of Washingtonians Anxious About Retirement Benefits

A new survey has highlighted the fact that more than half of the people living in Washington are anxious about their retirement benefits and financial security. To help the situation, a campaign has been organized which will help people to … Read More

California Governor Approves State-Run Retirement Benefits Plan for Private Sector Workers

The governor of California has recently signed the program known as Secure Choice which allows numerous private sector workers in the state to participate in a state-run retirement benefits program. This program is created to ensure that people of the … Read More

The Bad News Regarding Retirement Benefits of Baby Boomers

We recently reported how Baby Boomers are meeting the retirement challenges nicely. Unfortunately, all is not as good as it seems. There are some negative findings in the 17th Annual Transamerica Retirement Survey of Workers. These findings state that … Read More

Retirement Benefits Savings Hit by Lack of Communication Among Couples

A new survey has found that there is a massive lack of communication among American couples when it comes to retirement benefits savings. Many couples have no retirement savings at all. Those who do don’t talk to their partner about … Read More

Federal Employees Allowed to Donate Their Leaves to Louisiana Flood Victims

The flood victims of Louisiana who work as federal employees have finally got some good news. President Obama has directed the OPM to begin a leave transfer program so that federal workers who have unused leaves can donate them to … Read More