Retirement is the process of hanging up your boots and predominantly ending your employment tenure. Many people retire when they fail to find the energy and the enthusiasm to work anymore.


3 Worst States for Taxes Everyone Should Know Before Retirement

When a person nears retirement, he or she often starts hunting up the best places to retire. The most common criterion for choosing a place is the tax laws of the state. If the taxes are more, a person … Read More

Wyoming May Offer Early Retirement to State and UW Employees

A report says that Wyoming may offer early retirement to state and UW employees. This step would be taken to save money in the face of a huge budget shortfall. The step of early retirement will only be feasible … Read More

Are Women Better at Post-Divorce Financial Planning Than Men?

When a couple is in love and living a blissful life, they don’t often pay attention to post-divorce financial planning or estate planning together. Many couples think that talking about finances and the stake of each of them in the … Read More

Americans Don’t Plan On Retiring Until They Are 70: Survey

A recent survey has shown that many Americans don’t plan on retiring until they are 70 years of age. The survey also found out that people who expected to work until 70 would likely be more stressed and unhealthy as … Read More

Police Retirement Accounts Underfunded in Davenport County, Iowa

The police retirement accounts remained underfunded in the Davenport County, Iowa for a few months due to an error. The problem has been rectified after the union members asked it to be fixed. Compensation has also been made to all … Read More

Marquette County Retirees Need to pay for their Health Care Costs

As per a new rule, the Marquette County retirees need to pay for their health care costs from the next year. This change was agreed upon in 2015. The reason for the change is constantly rising health care costs and … Read More

Many Women Fear Running Out of Money in Retirement

It is a known fact that the position of American women in the workforce has improved a lot in the last few years. They are also earning a higher number of college and graduate degrees as compared to men. The … Read More

Half of American Population Opts for Retirement by 63: Survey

Retirement is not an easy choice for people. Some people prefer to work as long as they can to keep their finances in a good position while others prefer to retire early even when it means losing out on some … Read More

Women more Likely to Suffer from Poverty than Men in Retirement

Women are more likely to suffer from poverty after retirement than men. This is a harsh fact and the main reason behind it is the pay gap between men and women. Many women are living from paycheck to paycheck and … Read More

More Americans are Taking Student Loans Closer to Retirement

A study has revealed that more Americans are taking student loans closer to retirement in order to ensure that their children get the proper education. Paying off the debt usually has an impact on their retirement benefits savings. Experts say … Read More

Women Retirement Age is Increasing with Time: Research

Women are working way past the ages when their mothers and grandmothers have retired in the earlier time. The reasons for the long working life and postponed retirement may vary from loving their jobs to being more educated. A research … Read More

Best Places for Retirement in 2017

A report by International living has highlighted the best places for retirement on 2017. They all have been decided by keeping in mind the cost of living and various other factors. Though the list comprises on 24 amazing places, … Read More

Moving Preferences of American Retirees

The expectations of seniors change after retirement and this fact was highlighted by a recent study that lists the moving preferences of American retirees. More and more of them are heading towards the mountains rather than the sea. Experts … Read More

Late Retirement Could Increase the Lifespan

It may seem unbelievable but is has now been proven that late retirement could increase the lifespan. It pertains to almost all people, whether they consider themselves healthy or unhealthy. A study has found that that being active is … Read More

Federal Employee Health Benefits and FEGLI at Retirement – Robb Fenton

Federal Employee Health Benefits and Federal Employee Group Life Insurance at Retirement

health benefits Robb FentonIf you’re a federal employee who is considering retirement and you are covered by both the FEHB (Federal Employee Health Benefits) program for health insurance and the FEGLI Read More

California Retirement Fund is facing a Shortage

It has been recently revealed that the California Retirement Fund is facing a shortage. As a result, the taxpayers have to find a way to deal with it and make up for the losses. Critics say that too much focus … Read More

Single People Are Not Prepared for Retirement

It has been proven again and again that Americans are not prepared for retirement. But a new report has highlighted that single people are not prepared for retirement as they barely have any savings. Some of them have no savings … Read More

Want to Live Actively Post-Retirement? Head Here…

When people plan to move to a new place post-retirement, they often give too much value to the tax breaks, cost of living and the climate. They even forget the fact that the place they are moving to must have … Read More

Retirement Woes of Black New Yorkers Escalating

A recent survey has highlighted that the retirement woes of black New Yorkers are on the rise. They have not saved enough for retirement and they are barely getting by. They don’t intend to retire in the New York City. … Read More

Women with 401(k) Plan Prefer Wealth over Health in Retirement

A survey has revealed that most of the women who have a 401(k) plan would opt for wealth over the health. The survey also pointed out that women usually have longer careers than men and explained its reasons. It found … Read More