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Living Expenses Stopping New Yorkers from Saving Enough towards Retirement Benefits

A new poll has stated that Baby Boomers and Gen Xers in New York are not saving enough towards retirement benefits because they are just getting by. Many of them are worried that social security benefits won’t be enough in … Read More

Many Women Fear Running Out of Money in Retirement

It is a known fact that the position of American women in the workforce has improved a lot in the last few years. They are also earning a higher number of college and graduate degrees as compared to men. The … Read More

Americans Saving Longer Towards Retirement Benefits

A new study has revealed that the Americans today are saving for longer years so that they can get retirement benefits for several more years than their predecessors. The study also highlighted the fact that Americans didn’t rely on kids … Read More

Planning for Retirement in Five Years by Ron Raffino

Tips from Ron Raffino for Those Planning on Retiring in Five Years

retirement benefitsYou must have heard that it’s never too late to start planning, but have you heard it’s never too early to start planning? In fact, the earlier you … Read More

New Mexico Joins the Efforts to Provide Retirement Benefits to Private Sector Workers

The lawmakers of New Mexico have initiated the process of understanding how they can provide steady retirement benefits to the private sector workers. Experts believe that low-wage workers in the state have no access to a retirement plan.  When they … Read More

Public Sector Employees are Confident about Retirement

Public sector employees are confident about retirement despite the fact that they don’t have any idea about how much money they would need in retirement and they have not saved much money for the medical expenses post retirement. Most of … Read More

Retirement Woes of Black New Yorkers Escalating

A recent survey has highlighted that the retirement woes of black New Yorkers are on the rise. They have not saved enough for retirement and they are barely getting by. They don’t intend to retire in the New York City. … Read More

Traditional Retirement Benefits Savings Methods still Working for Retirees

Traditional retirement benefits savings methods are working for the retirees these days. This was revealed in a survey. Many retirees stick to social security to sustain in retirement. They also think that their financial condition is good and that they … Read More

Many Americans Fear that they will Outlive Their Retirement Benefits Savings

A new survey has highlighted some very terrifying facts about retirement. It says that many Americans fear that they will outlive their retirement benefits savings despite the fact that a majority of them plan to have multiple sources of income. … Read More

Americans Dependent on Social Security and Employer-Sponsored Plans for Retirement Benefits

A bit of new research has shown that many Americans are depending on social security and employer-sponsored plans for retirement benefits. The study also found that Americans are saving less towards retirement benefits because they wish to pay off … Read More

Nearly Half of Young Americans have Zero Retirement Benefits Savings

The retirement savings of young Americans are not up to the mark. It has been proven again by a survey which found out that nearly half of young Americans have zero retirement benefits savings. Their chances of getting regular … Read More

The Bad News Regarding Retirement Benefits of Baby Boomers

We recently reported how Baby Boomers are meeting the retirement challenges nicely. Unfortunately, all is not as good as it seems. There are some negative findings in the 17th Annual Transamerica Retirement Survey of Workers. These findings state that … Read More

OPM and SSA to Stop Paying Deceased Federal Employees

It has been highlighted that the Social Security Administration paid about 1.7 million dollars to the families of deceased federal employees because they had no idea that the employee was dead. A recent audit says that a major reason behind … Read More

Research States Millennials Are Better at Retirement Benefits Savings

Recent research shows that millennials are better at managing retirement benefits savings as compared to the baby boomers. Researchers highlighted the challenges millennials must tackle to boost their savings and their retirement plans. The research goes on to show that  … Read More

SSA has the most satisfied IT Federal Employees

A report has revealed that the overall satisfaction rate of federal workers has improved a bit. It also revealed that keeping the IT professionals satisfied with their jobs is a challenging task and only a few organizations like the Social … Read More

Retirees Don’t Regret Claiming Social Security Early

A new survey has revealed that majority of retirees who just retired or are about to retire don’t regret the decision of taking their social security. The survey also pointed out that one of the most unforeseen expenses in … Read More

Calculating the FERS Supplement by Paul Kalra

A Lesson on Calculating the FERS Supplement by Paul Kalra

FERS Paul KalraThere are many FERS annuitants who are able to retire prior to the age of 62, and who are eligible for the SRS (Special Retirement Supplement). You can meet such … Read More

Americans Use Social Security as the Key Source of Retirement Benefits

A recent poll has found out that most Americans will be dipping into their social security benefits before the retirement age. Though experts recommend that people should wait for as long as possible to get a heftier sum, all retirees … Read More

Federal Employees May Get a Social Security Boost

A WEP provision of the old Civil Service Retirement System has been reducing the benefits of many federal employees. A new bill was introduced by Republican leader Kevin Brady to change the WEP provision. If the change is successful, it … Read More

Woman Pleads Guilty to Multiple Social Security Scams

A woman living in Allenstown has pleaded guilty to two Social Security Frauds along with two counts of Theft of Public Money. She received social security benefits for her child but did not disclose that her full time working husband … Read More