GOVERNMENTIt appears there will not be a fight on Capitol Hill about whether the government will remain open or shut down.  Boehner announced that an agreement had been reached to keep the government open.  Federal workers can breathe a sigh of relief in knowing the government will not be shut down on the brink of the holiday season.  We would hope this season of the year would serve as a time of peace, joy and merriment.  Now that the good folks on the hill have decided that being Ebenezer Scrooge is not good for their public image, the workers can rest assured that the lights will still be on and the xerox machines will still be humming in federal office building throughout the nation.

Federal workers put in a lot of time and effort to help make government work.  They don’t need the aggravation of consistently worrying about whether the government is going to shut down or stay open.  Workers are expected to come to work every day in mass in order to make the business of the government run.  By the same token, the Congress has the responsibility to work in partnership with the President to make certain the government remains open.  It is a costly affair to shut down the government.  The cost is not only recognized in service delivery and other critical processes that must go on, but the ultimate cost to families financially and emotionally.

As a planet, the times we live in are turbulent.  People’s emotions are running high because of the stresses and strain we live under from not having financial resources to support our families to not having the cooperation of systems.  Systems are governmental, social, religious, educational, and familial.  When families lose the security of jobs, the safety of home – every other system begins to break-down and crumble.

Government should not subject people to the ebbs and flows of politics, but rather demonstrate a commitment to the true meaning of fairness and justice and not the promotion of self-serving agendas.

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Dianna Tafazoli

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