TSP Payments to Beneficiaries

tsp paymentsWhen a family member passes away most of us are not only pained by the passing but saturated with how to pay for the arrangements and everything else that comes with death.  Even if we know that our loved one had life insurance or other means to take care of things, it may not be immediate that those funds are made available.  Make sure you receive your TSP payments.

In the case of TSP funds, although you can request accelerated or expedited processing, generally it takes about 60 days or better to receive payment.  Once the original notification of death is made, participant’s beneficiaries have been determined and all the information has been gathered, the process may take several months.  Filling out the information required for submission to the TSP is critical.  The sooner you do your part, the faster the TSP can begin the process.

Because receiving payments might be delayed in process, you should notify the TSP about any changes to your address, phone number, or other means of notification.  Not to mention you should consider working with a knowledgable financial planner who can help you ensure that you have enough money to live on before your TSP funds become available.  When notifying the TSP of any changes be sure to place your name and Social Security Number on the correspondence as the beneficiary along with the name and Social Security Number of the deceased TSP participant.

Therefore, when you are making plans it is important to have knowledge of such information beforehand so that both you and your family will know that if something happens to you, what you intend for your family to have may not be immediately available.  Evaluate what might be done to making the waiting process more tolerable.  Just as it takes a little time for you to receive your first annuity payment upon retirement, generally everything else takes a little time to guarantee the integrity of the process.

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