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June 21, 2018

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Use PostalEASE or LiteBlue to Manage Your FEHB

The PostalEASE telephone system was established for Postal employees as a convenient and secure way for you to enroll, change or cancel your Federal Employees Health Benefits (FEHB) Program.  The LiteBlue system is the online version of PostalEase and is a much easier and faster way to navigate your benefit selections.

postaleaseThrough PostalEASE and LiteBlue you may;

  • Make changes to your FEHB enrollment selections during FEHB Open Seasons
  • Make elections as a new employee within your first 60 days of employment
  • Update your dependent information 

Note:  If you are NOT also making a change in your own FEHB coverage on LiteBlue, while making a change for your dependents, you MUST contact your health plan provider directly.  LiteBlue will not inform your health plan provider of these changes.

Connect to LiteBlue HERE 

LiteBlue FEHB Worksheet avaialble HERE
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